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Don't cave into those candy cravings this Halloween. HG's here to help you kick 'em to the curb...   
We Heart Lollies!
We Heart Lollies!
Pop 'Til Ya Drop!

Sitting by that big bowl of candy for hours on end can be soooo tempting.  It's just way too easy to spend that time scarfing down one piece of candy after another (and taking in tons of calories!). That's why lollipops are such Halloween lifesavers.  Super-long lasting, these sweet treats will keep your mouth occupied for extended periods of time -- so you'll eat less candy, but still keep your mouth happy. Perfect!  Here are some of our "Pop Picks":

-Caramel Apple Pops (60 cal, 0.5g fat)
-Blow Pops (60 cal, no fat)
-Dum Dum Lollipops (25 cal, no fat)
-Tootsie Pops (60 cal, no fat)
Hungry Girl Tips:

- Hate dark chocolate? Give out Mounds bars. Not into nuts?  Hand out Almond Joys.  The last thing you want to do is surround yourself with dozens of your favorite chocolatey treats.  Instead pick up something easier to resist.

- As it gets later, and the stream of trick-or-treaters begins to slow down, start giving out 2, 3 or even more pieces of candy per kid.  The kids'll be thrilled, and you'll be left with fewer tempting leftovers.

-Have a lot of fruit on hand that day.  Grab some grapes or fruit salad when that sweet tooth hits!

- Find something non-edible to hand out. Glow in the dark markers, light up yo-yo's, etc. Just don't give out pennies or pencils, unless you wanna make kids cry.
Fruit Sweet!
Fruit Sweet!
Peep This!
Peep This!
Treats That Won't Haunt You...

Pumpkin Peeps: These marshmallow-y, pumpkin-shaped delights contain just 130 calories and no fat in each generous 8 peep serving.

Candy Corn: Want a handful of these chewy Halloween classics?  Feel free.  Each 26 piece portion contains a reasonable 140 calories and is completely fat free!

Peppermint Batty: These fun 'n kooky bat-shaped peppermint patties have only 140 calories and 2.5g of fat. Yay!

Russell Stover's Chocolate Marshmallow Ghost: This spooktacular treat has just 110 calories and 3g of  fat.  Not too scary.
Monster Munchies

This sweet 'n salty autumn recipe will keep you from reaching for those candy bars...

-1 bag Jolly Time 94% FF Kettle Korn mini bag
- plain M&M fun size bag

Toss these two ingredients together, and enjoy each bite of this sweet and crunchy Halloween treat. The recipe contains around 195 calories and 6.5g of fat.

Chocolate + Kettle Corn = Sweeeeeeeeeet!
Chocolate + Kettle Corn = Sweeeeeeeeeet!
October 30th is National Candy Corn Day.  Each "kernel" has about 5 calories.
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