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Menu Makeovers: Hungry Girl's Latest Restaurant Finds!

Ruby Tuesday Rocks!

Looking for a restaurant that can satisfy your low calorie, low fat and low carb needs? Ruby Tuesday has it all! Their menu now features lean meats, diet-friendly wraps & salads...and MUCH more.  They've even added Baja Bob's (low calorie, low fat AND low carb!) Margaritas to their offerings. Yay!

Applebee's Wows Weight Watchers!

As you may or may not know, Applebee's now has a menu catering to Weight Watchers dieters. We say the two best items on the WW-friendly menu are the 7 pt. Sizzling Chicken Skillet and 5 pt. Berry Lemon Cheesecake! Mmmmmm...

TCBY? Because They've Gone Low Carb!

TCBY is busy pushing their new "Low Carb Lovers" yogurt and one-carb-or less toppings. But they've added an interesting twist...a Million Pound Challenge! When Americans lose a total of one million pounds(um, who keeps track of that???) the frozen dessert chain will offer FREE low carb fro yo to the entire nation for one day! Pretty cool stuff...

Tony Romas Battles Carbs

The latest restaurant to hop onto the low carb bandwagon is Tony Roma's. Their new "Nada Lotta Carbs” promotion features many of their signature items basted in their new zero net carb BBQ sauce! They've got Slim Chickens Salad, Nada Carb Salmon, Tony's Slender Slab and more! They're all available now but only through the end of July, so hurry on in if you wanna sample this stuff!


In The Zone...
For detailed nutritional info for hundreds of your favorite restaurants, check out The site is run by a very ambitious, awesome woman named Dotti. She's a Hungry Girl hero for sure!

Beware of evil trans fats that are found in many processed foods, from microwave popcorn to cookies. They are the most evil, artery-clogging fats of all!

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