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Dear HG,

I love soup and crackers, or crackers with anything. I'm on Weight Watchers and I need to find a great-tasting cracker that I can eat with my soup. Thanks for your website and emails. They have been very helpful.

-Cracker Lover
Good news, cracker lover.  There are lots of good cracker options for whenever your crunchy cravings hit.  Crunchmaster Crackers are some of my favorites.  They're  crispy, delicious and not greasy or buttery like some other crackers.   And you can have 16 of them for just 120 calories and 1.5g fat.   Plus, they go very well with soup.   Fat Free or Multigrain Saltines are another great option. Both have just 60 calories per serving, with the multigrain having just 1.5g fat.  These classic crackers are low in calories and fat, have just 1 point per serving, and are often paired with soups.  If you're eating your crackers with slices of turkey breast, or some lowfat cheese, though, I recommend going for something heartier like Reduced Fat Triscuits.  You can even use these as a faux "crust" for mini pizzas.   Sooo cute!  These substantial woven whole grain crackers taste fantastic, and are not only beautiful, they're also very filling and have just 120 calories, and 3g fat per serving.  They also have 3g of fiber.  To keep them at 1 point, just trim the portion by two crackers.  Happy crunching!

Dear HG,

I'm having a hard time finding an answer to whether raw or roasted nuts are better for you, or if either is just as good. I love the raw almonds from Whole Foods but when health magazines talk about nuts being good for you, they don't specify what kind.  Thanks!

-Nuts About Nuts
Dear Nuts,

Nuts (when eaten in small portions) are a great, healthy snack. The crunchy little critters contain vitamins, minerals, protein, and monounsaturated fats (a.k.a. good fats) that can lower your risk of heart disease and heart attacks.  But you're right in your suspicion that some nuts are better for you than others.  First off, you can keep on eating your Whole Foods raw almonds guilt-free.  Raw nuts are natural, unsalted and very healthy.  People who aren't into the taste of raw nuts and love roasted nuts, however, need not worry.  While many roasted nuts on store shelves are actually deep-fried using saturated fats (a.k.a. bad fats), there are plenty of dry roasted options out there. Dry roasted nuts are not cooked in oil, so they contain fewer calories and less bad fats than regular oil-roasted nuts. Also, when buying dry roasted nuts, you may want to look for the unsalted or lightly salted ones (most roasted nuts are tossed in tons of salt and have very high sodium counts).  Whether you like raw nuts or only like your nuts roasted, there are a lot of healthy choices out there.  Just remember to eat only a small amount of nuts (a handful is a good portion size) at a time.  Those nutty calories add up way too quickly!

This week is National Fig Week.  Figs are filling, high in fiber and they taste great!

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