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Java Nice Day!
Java Nice Day!
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Getting Even Better!

Dunkin' Donuts has awesome coffee. We'd even go as far as to say that it's the BEST coffee EVER (sorry, Starbucks).  And now it's getting even better.  How?  DDs is offering up NINE new sugar free ways to flavor your beverage.  And you can add up to THREE flavors to your drink at no extra charge (and no extra calories!). How does a toasted almond-caramel-marshmallow coffee sound?  What about french vanilla-coconut?  Yum!  Mix 'n match all day long.  This coffee sounds so great that it actually kind of bums us out that we live in Los Angeles, where there's no Dunkin' Ds in sight...
Sales are Sweet for Sugar Free Candies

Think Snickers, Kit Kats and Twix bars are the best selling candies out there?  Think again, chocolate-lovers. Turns out sugar free candies, as a whole, outsell each of these candy bars. While that may seem like an unfair comparison (of course a whole category will outsell a single candy bar. DOY!), think about this.  U.S. sales of sugar free or "diet" candy has practically quadrupled since 2004.  Experts say the reason for this is simple.  Sugar substitutes are now better, so candy tastes have improved (no more icky, chalky SF candy!).  Also, parents are looking for healthier alternatives for kids these days.  Russell Stover is the leader in this growing-at-lightening-speed candy category, but both Nestle and Hershey have added SF options to their product lines as well.
Flying off the Shelves!
Flying off the Shelves!
Now in Nuke-able Bowls
Now in Nuke-able Bowls
Fun Food News

Healthy Choice Soup in Microwaveable Bowls - Take lunch to work? Now you've got a few more soup options, thanks to Healthy Choice.  Their Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle, Country Vegetable, and Chicken With Rice soups are now available in containers you pop right in the microwave.  Woohoo!

Propel Calcium - The popular flavored fitness water will now offer calcium-enhanced versions of three of their flavors. You'll be able to get 30% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium in every full 700 ml bottle.  Available in Mango, Mandarin Orange, and Mixed Berry.

Mimi's Cafe Adds Healthy Options - Mimi's Cafe is now offering a Lifestyle Menu featuring better-for-you items like their Mediterranean Omelette, Market Fresh Fish, and burgers wrapped in lettuce.  Keep an eye out for a HG Chew & Tell Review soon!
The Buzz...

Yoga-lovers, listen up., the first (and as far as we know ONLY) community where yoga enthusiasts can "meet, discover, relate and date" is now up and running. It's brand new and free to join... the buzz is good on this one, people!  ***A new study conducted by a professor at Cornell University shows that people will generally eat more when served more.  That's scary when you consider the huge portions most restaurants are serving these days.  ***The verdict is in! McDonald's will officially start putting nutritional info on their food wrappers.  Think sales of the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese will go down when people see that it has 730 calories and 40 grams of fat?  Eeeeks!  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Meet Other Yogaholics Today!
Meet Other Yogaholics Today!
Today is Halloween. Be safe. And do your best to steer clear of the candy bowl.
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