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Try it...Free!
Try it...Free!
Get a Free Sample of AlsoSalt

A few months back we told you about a new salt sub called AlsoSalt.  With this salt alternative you can reduce the salt/sodium in your diet, and replace it with essential nutrients. Word on the street is that unlike other salt alternatives, AlsoSalt actually tastes good, and doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste. Now you can find out for yourself.  The company will give out free sample packets of this sodium-free stuff to anyone and everyone who sends in a request.  Wanna get in on the saltless salt action?  Click here to get your free packet!
More Fun with Google!

Sure you've spent countless hours (or days?) "Googling" everyone and everything under the sun, but there's a whole new way to go Google crazy!  Google Maps can now be used to track mileage and calories on your exercise route.  Just choose a location, and start recording a "walk," double clicking on points along the way to determine how far you've gone.  Enter your weight to get an accurate calorie count.  This virtual pedometer is a hip, fun new way to track and monitor exercise.
Fun with Google!
Fun with Google!
Wendy's to Add Deli Sandwiches in 2006!

Just when you thought Wendy didn't have any more healthy tricks up her sleeve, that little red-headed rascal is at it again.  After test marketing Frescata deli sandwiches at select restaurants, Wendy's plans to roll them out nationally in 2006.  So what does that mean to calorie-counters?  The fast food chain will likely have several more fresh options among the new menu items, including high-quality meats like roasted turkey.  But be careful!  These sandwiches come on thick focaccia bread that can rack up calories and points pretty quickly.  The good news is, the addition of sliced meats will give consumers more ways to mix 'n match! 
The Buzz...

Time to say so long to Vanilla Coke & Diet Vanilla Coke.  Coca-Cola is phasing both flavors out by the end of this year.  The good news?  Coke will introduce both regular and diet versions of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke shortly thereafter.  Yum!   ***Heineken Premium Light, which has been available in select markets, will go national in early 2006.  The light lager, which has gained popularity in many test markets (including Phoenix and Dallas), has been described as a "luxury light beer" and has just 99 calories.  ***The CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) warns that consumers may be misled by "healthy" claims.  Labels touting things like "heart-healthy" and "whole grain" are not always accurate, according to the consumer pressure group.  And the FDA doesn't have the resources (or apparently even the desire) to do something about it.  The CSPI has already persuaded Tropicana and Quaker to improve their labeling practices.  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Buh-Bye, Vanilla Coke!
Buh-Bye, Vanilla Coke!
Today, November 7th, is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day.  Sounds like the perfect day to check out CocoaVia's yummy Blueberry Almond Bar!
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