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What's Gnu?
What's Gnu?
Gnu Bar on the Block!

As you know, we get super-excited every time we discover a delicious new snack bar.  Especially if it has lots of fiber and is great for you.  That's why  Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Bar is our "gnu" bar obsession.  We first tried these 130-calorie treats after some subscribers tipped us off about 'em.  After tasting them (they come in three flavors - Cinnamon Raisin, Orange Cranberry and Banana Walnut -- all really good but we like the Cinnamon Raisin best).  Pssst... in case you count, these bars are just 2 points on Weight Watchers. 
Lowfat Milk: It Does a Body Good

A new study published last week in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that people who drink lowfat milk may be at a lower risk of developing high blood pressure.  One in four Americans suffer from hypertension, which is a key risk factor for heart disease and stroke.  The study followed 6,000 men and women over 27 months.  The people who consumed 1-3 servings of lowfat dairy a day (92% of that dairy being milk) were less likely to develop high blood pressure than the people who didn't.  This isn't the first study to find these conclusions.  In the past, other studies have suggested that nutrients found in milk, like calcium, potassium and magnesium, play an important role in keeping blood pressure in check.  Even the 2005 Dietary Guidelines and new food pyramid recommend that Americans include at least three servings of lowfat dairy in their diets daily, but most people still aren't getting enough.  Drink your milk, people!

Milk It for All It's Worth
Milk It for All It's Worth
New Product News & Alerts...

Waddajuice...Wow!  Looking for a healthy, low sugar juice alternative for kids?  Waddajuice is the answer -- and it even comes with an innovative spillproof sports cap.  The new juice/purified water combo, which is packed with vitamins, has, ounce for ounce, WAY fewer calories than regular juice.  Interesting Waddajuice Factoid: One of the partners in Waddajuice is Snapple Founder Arnold Greenberg.

CocoaVia News!  CocoaVia, the calcium-packed, cholesterol-lowering chocolate that's sweeping the nation (but has only been available online), is now available at select Wal-Marts, some Target locations, and Fred Meyers stores.  It'll also soon land on shelves at Wegman's and Wild Oats.  Woohoo!

Love Eggnog?  Sensitive to lactose?  Lactaid is launching the world's first and only lactose-free version of the holiday favorite.  Be careful, though, eggnog is notoriously high in fat and calories.

HG's Double Chocolate Dilemma

Not sure if you've tried the Hungry Girl-developed Double Chocolate Dream VitaTops yet, but we've got a bit of a dilemma.  When we created them, our intention was to keep them on sale for a limited time only.  But the demand for these tasty tops has SOARED, and many people have emailed us asking why they have to go away.  The truth is, they don't necessarily HAVE to go away.  Vitalicious can, in theory, keep selling them.  The Vitalicious folks have decided to take the burden of that decision off of themselves and let YOU decide the fate of these muffin tops.  Do you think these new 100-calorie, white chocolate chip-studded VitaTops should stick around and join Vitalicious' regular line, or should they go away?  Take our poll NOW!
Exercise Your Right to Vote!
Exercise Your Right to Vote!
Today, November 14th, is National Guacamole Day.  Make some healthy guac at home using just avocado, tomato, onion and a little lime juice!
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