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WW Makes a Point!
WW Makes a Point!
New One-Point WW Snacks Arrive!

Here's some awesome news  for Weight Watchers points-counters. Wells Dairy, the maker of Blue Bunny products (as well as all of the Double W's ice cream treats), has entered into a deal to produce a line of ONE POINT (WOW!) WW-branded yogurts and smoothies.  The 6 oz. yogurts will be available in vanilla, strawberry, black cherry, blueberry, peach, raspberry, key lime pie, lemon cream pie and strawberry banana.  And the smoothies will come in strawberry, raspberry, mixed berry and strawberry banana.  These new products will hit store shelves starting in January of 2006. Pssst...pass this news along.
Your Cell Phone May Help You Eat Better

How can your cell phone help you eat better?  It's simple.  You can now download photos of high-cal foods along with the cold hard facts about what you need to do to burn off those calories.  Is that donut worth that 38 minute run?  Maybe.  The choice is yours.  The makers of My Pet Fat are the folks behind these cell phone wallpapers, but while their "pet" lump of fat was a hideous looking reminder of what fat really looks like, some of these pics are virtually glamour shots of yummy foods, so they may actually make you hungrier.  The good news is, they're offering up pics of hideous, nauseating fat as an option, too.  Woohoo!

Worth the Weight?
Worth the Weight?
It Lights Up!!!
It Lights Up!!!
Way to Glow!

Solas Fashion creates those awesome light-up purses you may have seen on TV or on the arms of Cameron, Britney, Lindsay & more. Their brand new line of mushy-soft leather "Utility Clutches" are named after foods!  There's licorice, apple, olive, spearmint & cinnamon.  Yum!  These soft, stylish bags are cool and fun to carry, but we especially like 'em 'cuz the neon lights inside make it that much easier to find the lip gloss (and, of course, the guilt-free snacks) we store in our purses.  The peeps at Solas were nice enough to offer up a 15% discount on orders this week with promo code "hungry" -- weeeeee!

Diet & Weight Affect Productivity at Work

According to a recent study conducted by Developing Patient Partnerships (DPP), a poor diet and how much you weigh will likely affect your performance at work. Over half  (57%) of people interviewed admitted to thinking how heavy you are affects the quality of your work and a whopping 70% think that the foods you eat affect the quality of your work.  More than 60% of the people surveyed also attributed weight gain to poor eating habits at the office.  Sounds like all the more reason to stock your desk with healthy treats.  Check out HG's Top Ate List Office Snacks/Foods!
Bad Eating Habits = Bad For Business
Bad Eating Habits = Bad For Business

Today, December 5th, is National Sacher Torte Day.  A Sacher Torte is a classic decadent Viennese dessert made of chocolate cake and apricot jam.  Try spreading some apricot Nature's Hollow preserves on a Deep Chocolate VitaTop instead!


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