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Dear Hungry Girl,

What are my best options for snacking at the movies?

-- Movie Muncher

Dear Movie Muncher,

Let's face it, it's fun to eat while watching a movie.  So what are some smart movie snacks?  Lollipops are great because they last a long time and they are relatively low in calories and fat, but  Weight Watchers Fruities are my newest discovery.  They're amazing fruit flavored gummi candies sold at Weight Watchers locations (don't worry,  you don't need to be a WW member to buy them). The entire pack has about 60 calories and they last forever.  Forget to bring  snacks and need to buy something there?  Go for the Sour Patch Kids (they're fat free and satisfying, yet not quite as addictive as other candies 'cuz of their sourness).  Hungry Girl Hint:  When you open the box, give the green and yellow ones (or whatever your least fave flavors are!) to people sitting near you so you don't eat those once all the good flavors are gone...and you might make a new friend!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I want to get in those 5 servings of veggies a day, but I don’t have time to buy and prepare fresh veggies. Are the frozen and canned kind o.k.?

-- Convenience Counts

Dear Convenience,

Good news!  There’s no need to feel bad about not having the time to buy and prepare fresh veggies. Contrary to what many people think, frozen vegetables can have more of certain vitamins than the fresh ones.  That's because frozen veggies are usually picked, packed and prepared more quickly than "fresh" veggies, which are harvested days before reaching the supermarket. In some cases canned stuff can be even better for you than fresh.  An example: Lycopene (an antioxidant) in canned cooked tomatoes is absorbed 2.5 times better than lycopene in fresh, uncooked tomatoes.  So matter how you get 'em in, keep eating your veggies!

Hungry Girl Warning:  A large bucket of buttered movie popcorn and a 32 oz. Coke can contain as much as 2,150 calories! Eeeeks!

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