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Dear HG,

I love all forms of sushi, and know to avoid the super saucy rolls. Is there a way to ask for sushi to be prepared, in order to save on calories and fat?  I am also having a hard time finding nutrition facts on sushi. Any leads?  Thanks!

-Sucker for Sushi

Good question. I, too, am a sushi fanatic, so I'm always looking for nutritional info about it. Here's what's important to know. First off, avoid items with the words tempura, fried, spider or dynamite. Those things are usually fatty, packed in mayo, or both. As you already said, super-saucy rolls can also be dangerous. There are some condiments that aren't bad for you, though. Wasabi, ginger, edamame, soy sauce, and seaweed are all pretty low in calories. As for ordering advice, always ask for light (or no) mayo. To save calories and starchy carbs, ask for your sushi to be made with half the rice (you won't even miss it). Or try sashimi which is completely rice-free. You should also watch your portion sizes. Order fewer rolls, and bulk up your meal with an order of oshitashi (boiled spinach with soy sauce), miso soup, or sunomono salad (sliced cucumbers with rice vinegar). All are super low in calories and really delicious. As for which rolls are the lowest in fat and calories, cucumber rolls are your best bet. They have just 130 calories & no fat. If ordering with no mayo (or very little), spicy tuna rolls and California rolls are also decent choices with around 250-300 calories and 5-10g of fat each. For more sushi info, check out our Surviving Sushi email.


I work at a catering company and am constantly around food. Not only am I not making the right choices, but I also sometimes work 15 hour shifts and find myself picking all day long. What can I do to get out of this mess?

-Surrounded by Temptations
Dear Surrounded,

Yikes! That's a toughie. It's hard enough for people to resist delicious foods without having to see and smell them all day long. While it'll be really hard to resist all those temptations, there are some things that might make it a little easier. 1) One trick is to chew some sugarless gum. Not only will it taste good, but it'll also keep your mouth happy and busy for a while. If you're not a gum lover, hard candy would also work. And they last pretty long, too. (I''d opt for mint gum or candy, as it tends to kill cravings.)  2) Another great option is to keep some baby carrots around. Cool, crunchy, and refreshing, they're sweet, fun to eat and contain lots of beta-carotene. 3) I would also suggest you never skip meals. If you go too long without eating, you'll end up starving and eventually resort to scarfing anything (and often lots of it!) that's nearby. 4) One last trick you may want to try is to wear lipstick or flavored lip gloss. The lip gloss will make food taste slightly off (or lip glossy), while the lipstick will make you more conscious of what you put in your mouth, since eating would smear it and make you have to reapply. Good luck...hope this helps!

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