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Dear Hungry Girl,

I was SHOCKED when I called Sonic to get the nutrition information on their new Fruit Smoothies. They claim these to be healthy. Sure they have no fat and lots of fiber, but they also have 460 calories!  Ouch.  Are there any other fruit smoothies that taste great that are better for the waistline?


First off, congrats to you for contacting Sonic to get the nutritionals. YAY!  Unfortunately, like so many smoothies, theirs have A LOT of calories. In fact, I think smoothies are some of the most potentially dangerous things to consume outside of the home. Whether you're at the mall, or passing by a place like Sonic, you need to know that smoothies are NOT necessarily great choices if you're counting calories or points. And, for the most part, you're usually better off avoiding them. I love smoothies, though, and have a bunch of awesome recipes for ones you can make at home. That is, by far, your safest option. Check out my Smoothie Central email...and also my Strawberry Cloud recipe. If you perfect the art of making smoothies at home, you'll be less likely to break down and slurp 'em up when you're out.

Dear Hungry Girl,

My mom and I love going for tea, but a lot of foods that go with traditional english teas are fattening. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can eat at tea?

-Needing Tips for Tea
Dear Needing,

Tea is great for you. It's got tons of antioxidants--and some teas have even been shown to boost metabolism. Of course, if you indulge in all the goodies that come along with traditional english teas, the damage you'll do with all those fatty foods will far outweigh the health benefits of the tea itself. Cakes, scones, pastries and finger sandwiches are tea time staples. Unfortunately, all are usually pretty high cal. Even sandwiches, which can sometimes be a good bet, are often slathered with high fat mayo or cream cheese. Your best bet at tea, is to just drink your beverage, and leave the snacking til you get back home. If you can't do that, try and reach for any type of fresh fruit, grab a shortbread cookie or two, or eat a finger sandwich--with those caloric condiments scraped off of it. You may also want to try having tea at home sometime. That way you can pick some diet-friendly tea time treats to serve. I recommend fresh strawberries, light english muffins with sugar free jelly, French Twists, and cucumber finger sandwiches made with Wonder Light Bread and reduced fat cream cheese. All are low cal, delicious, and perfect for tea.



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