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Dear HG,

A friend at work told me that sipping apple cider vinegar after eating will break down fat, or keep it from absorbing into the body at all. Any truth to this? If so, how much should I sip and how often?

--Curious in California

Dear Curious,

After reading your email, I was curious about that as well. VERY curious. But who are we kidding? If ingesting a little apple cider vinegar after downing a fatty piece of cream pie would help break down fat or even better keep it from being absorbed by the body, we'd all have portable IV vinegar drips! Unfortunately, all of the research I have done on the stuff points to the same sad conclusion.  That apple cider vinegar pretty much has no effect on weight loss and the breaking down of fat. Honestly, if these vinegar rumors were true, wouldn't the big news already have been on the cover of every magazine, on Oprah and everywhere else under the sun?  There's no magic bullet for fighting fat, I'm afraid. And that's that.

Dear Hungry Girl,

I often take in at least 40-50 grams of fiber a day.  Is it possible to get too much of the stuff?

--Feeding on Fiber
Dear Feeding,

Fiber is fantastic. But, like anything else, you can get too much of it. I turned to my email bud, Lisa R. Young, who is not only a PhD, RD, but also the author of The Portion Teller, for help with this one. Lisa says you can absolutely get too much fiber. She says, "While fiber has many wonderful health benefits, getting too much fiber is not a good idea. The main reason is this: it can bind and carry out needed minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc which so many people have a hard time getting. These binders in fiber act as chelating agents which link chemically with nutrients and then carry them out of the body. Too much fiber can also carry water out of the body and cause dehydration, stomach distress and feelings of bloating. It is recommended that most women obtain 25 grams of fiber. While 30 grams would be ok, consuming 40 or 50 grams would be too much!" So there you have it. No more ODing on fiber!

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