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Portion Controlled Chocolate...Yay!
Portion Controlled Chocolate...Yay!
Weight Watchers' Chocolate Line Expands

If you're into chocolate as much as we are, you'll be psyched to know that Weight Watchers and Whitman's are teaming up to bring us a sweet line of  trans fat free chocolate candies.  You may have already seen some of these candies at select retailers, but the new line will be available at supermarkets, drug stores and mass merchants (like Target and Wal-Mart) throughout the country soon.  So what sort of fantastically yummy 50-60 calorie treats can you expect to see?  English toffee squares, mint patties, pecan crowns,  crispy caramel, and chocolate mousse.  Mmmmmmmmmm...
Top Secret: New 100 Calorie Packs on the Way!

Just when you thought there were enough varieties of 100 Calorie Packs (ok, maybe not), along come TWO MORE.  On April 3rd, the world will be introduced to Wheat Thins Chips Minis, and Ritz Chips Minis.  We've actually had the chance to sample 'em (our pal Lindsey, who does PR for the line, slipped us a box of each...Shhhhh!), and they ROCK.  Since we have two full boxes of these cute 'n crunchy snacks, we've decided to be nice and share.  Two lucky HG subscribers will have a chance to win single pouches of these minis.  If you're interested in being one of the lucky humans who gets to try 'em before they launch in April, simply send us an email (before midnight tonight) telling us so.  We'll choose winners at random.  Good luck!
Coming This April!
Coming This April!
Hungry Girl on TV
Hungry Girl on TV
Extra! Extra!

As you may already know, Lisa (aka Hungry Girl) has been featured on the TV show Extra two times.  We just wanted to give you a heads up about some more upcoming appearances.  Lisa will be back on the show this week (details to follow) and in several more segments in February...woohoo!  In the piece that aired on 1/20, Lisa talked about the now famous House Foods Tofu Shirataki Noodles.  That story was not only the most-clicked story of the week on, but it caused thousands of people to frantically search for these noodles.  If you still can't find 'em where you live, see the manager of your local market and ask him or her, in a nice way, to carry them.  If that doesn't work, try begging, crying, or throwing a hissy fit.  (Pssst...if you missed the HG segment that aired on Extra in November, you can see it here.)

The Buzz...

Not that you needed us to tell you this, but it looks like "light" foods are on the rise!  Snack foods remain increasingly popular, but sales of healthier versions of chips, ice cream, beverages and more, continue to outpace growth of regular versions of these foods.  That's great news for people like us who are constantly seeking out new guilt-free food finds.  ***Looking for fashionable fitness, and cool workout gadgets?  Check out this page over at  We especially dig those wireless headphones for your iPod!  ***Oh, last week in the news we mentioned the new flavors of SF Jell-O pudding that have been released.  Well, we failed to mention that these perfectly-portioned pudding cups now come in vanilla as well.  And, as it turns out, the vanilla happens to be the very best flavor of all (in our humble opinions).  That's all we've got.  HG out...
Light Foods = Heavy Sales
Light Foods = Heavy Sales
Today, January 30th, is National Croissant Day.  We say boycott this celebration and chew on a high fiber, low cal tortilla instead.  Woohoo!
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