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Boca Chick'n Original Patties
Boca Chick'n Original Patties

Slim Chickens
We're big fans of Boca products, so we had to give their Chicken Patties (or, as they call 'em, "Chik'n Patties") a try.  And boy are we glad we did!  This pretend poultry is crunchy, soooo delicious, and has just 160 calories and 6 grams of fat per patty.  Try one on a Wonder Light Bun with lettuce, tomato and fat free Thousand Island dressing -- or simply slap one on a plate and dig in.  They're made of soy, but they really do, um, taste like chicken.

Nutritional Info:

Serving Size: 1 patty
Calories: 160
Fat: 6g
Sodium: 430mg
Carbs: 15g
Fiber: 2g
Sugar: 1g
Protein: 11g

Tyson Southern Style Breast Patties
Tyson Southern Style Breast Patties

Chicken Fatty
Heat up one of these patties and get ready to chew the fat...literally. They're a fried mess.  Each one contains 240 calories and 18 grams of fat.  Eeek!  Do you realize that's more fat and calories than you'd find in many fast food chicken patties?  And you don't even get the heart-pumping thrill of the drive-thru window.  Our advice?  Tell this fowl disk to "cluck off," and bite a Boca instead.

Nutritional Info:

Serving Size: 1 patty
Calories: 240
Fat: 18g
Sodium: 490mg
Carbs: 10g
Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 0g
Protein: 9g

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