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Soup Dish!
Soup Dish!
Get Bowled Over By Soup Operas

Progresso recently brought you brand new microwavable bowls of soup to make lunchtime more exciting (or at least more souptastic), but now they're taking it to the next level by bringing you little films to watch while you slurp.  These brand new "soup operas" (clever, huh?) are mini movies that follow the lives of six office workers, and can be found at  The Progresso folks are hoping that these videos catch on with the at-work women audience.  Between chowing down on soup, watching these flicks, and reading Hungry Girl, who's gonna have time to get any actual work done?

Meet the So Good Girls...

In yet another attempt to bring you good food and fine companion entertainment, Yoplait (the makers of the brand new super-delish Light Thick & Creamy yogurt), is launching on 2/14 (aka tomorrow). The site is basically a reality-based expedition that follows six regular women of all ages, shapes and sizes on their journeys to better health.  Each week, Yoplait will bring you updates on these women, so you'll be able to follow along and get tips, recipes, and more, all while keeping up with their progress.  Grab a yogurt and start clicking!
The Action Starts Tomorrow
The Action Starts Tomorrow
Coming this May!
Coming this May!
New Products Alert!

Starbucks DoubleShot Light - a rich blend of espresso and a touch of cream, just like the original, but with less sugar, fat and half the calories.  It'll hit your local market this May.

Michelob ULTRA Amber - With just 114 calories and 3.7 carbs, this rich, amber-colored beer is sure to be a hit with the light beer lovers of the world.

Welch's Light juice cocktails - Made with Splenda, these beverages contain half the calories of the regular versions (just 70 per serving). They're also 40% juice and come in Light Grape, Light White Grape, and Light White Grape Peach.  Mmmmm!

The Buzz...

Recent studies show that the crunchiness of food can actually be as important to us as taste, look or smell, in informing our perceptions of what we like.  No surprise there...think about how fun it is to hear that first CRUNCH when you bite into something.  Weeeee!  ***PEZ-lovers, rejoice!  Cherry flavored PEZ has returned from retirement after being discontinued in the 80s.  By the way, did you know they actually make sugar free PEZ?  ***In one of the largest sampling initiatives ever, Diet Dr. Pepper is doing everything in its power to make sure as many Americans as humanly possible sample this soda.  Not only will Nicole Richie be giving out samples in NYC, but the soda company will also be giving them out at supermarkets across the country, and sending coupons to everyone in the US named "Pepper."  That's all we've got.  HG out!

Crunchy Stuff ROCKS!
Crunchy Stuff ROCKS!


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