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Here are HG's food finds for Feb! 
Revival - Baked Soy Pasta Chips

(1 bag, calories: approximately 105, fat: 2.5g, sodium: 200mg, carbs: 13g, fiber: 0g, protein: 7g = 2 points)

Dr. Aaron Tabor is a Hungry Girl hero for sure.  He's developed an entire line of healthy foods and snacks just for his mother (awwwwwww), and now, lucky us, we all get to benefit from it.  Some of our fave items from this dynamic doc's super-popular and healthy line are his Baked Pasta Soy Chips.  Like a cross between chinese noodles and potato chips, these crunchy treats come in 11 (yowsa!) tongue-tickling flavors, like Rev-It-Up Ranch, Honey Mustard Heaven, Oh My! Apple Pie, Lightly Salted Sunshine & more!  Great alone or in soups and on salads, these perfectly portioned snacks are, well, just what the doctor ordered (come on, you knew that was coming).  What on Earth could possibly be better than an adorable (click for proof) doctor who's created delicious, guilt-free, good-for-you snacks foods for his mom? Uhhh--how 'bout the fact that he's single?!  Wanna set him up with someone? Drop him a note. Or at least order some chips...


Quorn Meat-Free Cutlets, Garlic & Herb

(1 cutlet, calories: 190, Fat:  8g, sodium: 610mg, carbs: 20g, fiber: 4g, protein: 13g = 4 points)

As you know, we're not vegetarians or vegans over here at HG, but we do get super-excited when we find a non-meat item that actually tastes good.  So when we discovered these cutlets from Quorn we were psyched.  Why?  Because, let's face it, as people who watch our calorie intakes, we're not eating breaded chicken cutlets on a daily basis.  But, as humans often do, we crave breaded items. Ones that are flavorful and zesty.  And these Garlic & Herb Cutlets ROCK!  For starters, they really do taste like chicken, and are AWESOME in wraps, on salads, or all by themselves.  With a hint of lime/citrus, these cutlets actually taste like homemade chicken cutlets your mom would make. That is, if your mom happens to be a good cook.


No Cal Soda

(1 bottle, calories: 0, fat:  0g, sodium: 35mg, carbs: 0g, fiber: 0g, protein: 0g = 0 points)

Way back in the day -- before the existence of Diet Coke -- like a zillion years ago in the seventies, everyone and their dieting grandmother drank a soda called No Cal.  Like the name suggests, it had no calories, and people really seemed to like it.  But it went away at some point in the 80s, and was never heard from again.  Until NOW!   No Cal is back -- with a vengeance -- and is totally playing up the retro thing, with adorable packaging and cool bottles.  But even better than the way it looks is the way this stuff tastes.  It comes in four flavors -- Clementine, Cherry Lime, Vanilla Creme and Chocolate.  The Clementine and Cherry Lime are smooth, different and awesome.  The Vanilla Creme, while good, isn't our favorite, but, the clear winner, hands down, is the CHOCOLATE.  This is, by far, the best calorie-free chocolate soda we have ever tasted.  Only available at, this aspartame-sweetened stuff is not as easy to get ahold of as other diet sodas, but it is, without a doubt, worth the effort.


Sugar Free Jell-O Pudding Snacks, New Flavors

(1 pudding cup, calories: 60, Fat:  1.5g, sodium: 190mg, carbs: 13g, fiber: <1g, protein: 2g = 1 point)

Yes, yes, we know we have written about these sugar free pudding cups before. On several occasions (ok, MANY), but we can't help it.  They're GREAT, and now they come in new flavors the world MUST know about!  Find these 60-calorie treats in caramel, double chocolate and straight vanilla. We have tried every single one of 'em and they are all fantastic.  We love these pudding cups and we're not afraid to admit it.  Need proof?  Watch. WE LOVE YOU, SUGAR FREE PUDDING CUPS IN VARIOUS FLAVORS!!!  See?


Today, February 16th, is National Almond Day.  Celebrate carefully with some of Sunkist's new "Almond Munchies." But don't overdo it.  Almonds are a terrific source of vitamin E but they do contain lots of calories!
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