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Dear Hungry Girl,

I saw your segment on Extra and loved seeing your Starbucks drink swaps. Do you have any other tips for us about coffee in general, and is it possible to go to Starbucks and drink something that tastes good but won't have hundreds and hundreds of calories?

Cathy Loves Coffee
Dear Cathy,

Glad you liked the Extra segment. Those Starbucks swaps recipes are great. My personal favorite is the Strawberry Cloud. But even though I often make guilt-free frozen drinks at home, I still find myself at Starbucks trying to find low cal drinks. Their Frappuccino Light drinks are really good (though not super-low in calories), and there are clever ways to doctor up some of their regular coffee as well... like using sugar free syrups, light milk, calorie-free sweetener and more. For more Starbucks info, check out my Starbucks Survival Guide, and my reviews of their Frappuccinos. For more general coffee tips, click here. And for more great recipes, click here. There you have it!

Dear HG,

I love soft serve yogurt from TCBY, and other soft serve yogurts that you can find in airports or malls. However, I never know how many calories they are. Most of the time they are fat free and not sugar free. Are these diet-friendly or diet disasters?

Yearning for Yogurt
Dear Yearning,

Soft serve frozen yogurt is tricky. As much as I'd like to say it's all good -- and low in calories, that's just not the case. The good news is, pretty much every frozen yogurt store has nutritional information available to you. And on average, it has between 10 and 30 calories per ounce.  The tricky part is portion size. If you order the smallest cup, which is often supposedly a 4 oz. serving, there's a pretty good chance they'll be giving you more like 6 or 7 ounces. You need to calculate calories and fat grams based on the actual serving size, and not the size of the cup. Face it, you never get frozen yogurt served to you that is level with the top of the cup... it's always towering over! So don't fool yourself into thinking you're eating fewer calories than you are. No matter what the case is, frozen yogurt tastes great -- and I eat a lot of it. I always just figure its about a 100 calories more than it's supposed to be...and I think it's definitely worth it!

Today, February 22nd, is National "Cook a Sweet Potato Day." Sweet potatoes are insanely healthy, loaded with fiber, and are an excellent source of Vitamin A.
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