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Sweet News!
Sweet News!
A New "Altern"ative to Splenda!

Splenda fans, listen up!  Within a few weeks, you'll be able to get the popular sweetener (which is also known as "sucralose") at Wal-Mart, when the chain launches its own store-brand version of the stuff.  The calorie-free sweetener will be sold under the name "Altern" and will likely cost significantly less than Splenda.  This is good news for anyone who loves Splenda but hates the high price of it.  By the way, if you refuse to shop at Wal-Mart, pay no attention to this story.  And if you are anti-Splenda, feel free to keep avoiding it.  We're just reporting news here.
Tastey Paste

Hey, Crest!  If you thought you were being innovative by launching your (yawn)  "Vanilla Mint" flavor last year, get a load of this.  Breath Palette, a pioneer brand in the world of oral hygiene, has released a line of tooth-cleaners that come in 32 flavors! 32 flavors? You bet your sweet molars!  You never knew the world was in need of Fuji Apple, Cafe Au Lait, Pumpkin Pudding or Cola toothpastes, did you?  No worries, it also comes in straight up Cinnamon and a perfectly-generically-named one called Mouth Gel.  And let's not forget Sweet Salt (ugh) and Indian Curry (gag).  Ok, this is getting scarier by the minute.  We're intrigued.  And frightened.   If you're feeling brave, check 'em out.  They're calorie-free...and who knows, they may curb cravings (or kill you appetite altogether).
Brush Hour!
Brush Hour!
Free = Fun!
Free = Fun!
Cool Stuff that Doesn't Cost Anything...Weeeee!

Get a Free Tea-rific Cookbook -  "From Teapot to Tabletop" is a collection of healthy recipes that incorporate tea and raise awareness about heart disease. Request your copy by calling  1-866-211-0374 (toll free).  They're free while supplies last.  Weeeee! 

Diet Tools for Your Blackberry - Get a calorie counter or a personal trainer for your Blackberry or cell phone - free until March 31st.  After that it costs money.  Click here for more details.
The Buzz...

Starbucks recently announced they're saying so long to their sickeningly fattening, over-caloried beverage disaster, Chantico.  Good riddance.  ***Speaking of chocolate, new research suggests that when women can actually SEE chocolate that's in close proximity, they'll likely eat more of it.  The study found that women ate twice as many Hershey's Kisses when the candies were in clear containers on their desk, than they did when the chocolates were in opaque containers.  They also ate fewer when the candies were more than six feet away.  Is ANY of this at all surprising?  ***Interested in a fun alternative to the same old party food?  Check out Cereality Bar & Cafe's new "distance catering" options.  You'll have the crunchiest event in town! They do have lots of healthy options so don't get caught up in the Cap'n Crunch & Lucky Charms...  That's all we've got.  HG out!
A Big Fat Mistake
A Big Fat Mistake
Today, Februrary 20th, is National Cherry Pie Day.  To save calories, use Comstock's Light Cherry Pie Filling!
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