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Great Recipes = Free T-Shirts
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Fruity News

A recent study, dubbed, "The State of the Nation's Plate", showed that most of us not only don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, but we don't even understand the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans (you may have to read that over again, slowly, to understand it).  Interestingly, the study was conducted by Del Monte, one of the country's largest producers of fruits 'n veggies. Hmmmmm...  Speaking of fruit, in an attempt to make snacking on the stuff easier and more accessible, Sunkist will begin marketing sliced fresh fruits in convenient snack bags.  These fun new fruit pouches should be available in schools and supermakets in the fall.

Eat More Fruit.
Eat More Fruit.
Salt Lick
Salt Lick
Campbell's Kicks Sodium in the Can!

Sodium-counters, your prayers have been answered.  Soon you'll be able to enjoy a whole SLEW of reduced sodium versions of your favorite Campbell's soups. The soup giants will release brand new and/or re-formulated versions of 20 signature soups this coming August.  You'll be able to choose from varieties of Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request, Campbell's Healthy Request, Campbell's regular red and white label condensed soups and more -- all with reduced sodium.  They're even working on  lower salt versions of kid-friendly faves like Double Noodle and Chicken and Stars.  Their secret weapon?  The new soups will contain an all-natural sea salt, which is lower in sodium than regular salt.  Weeeee!

The Buzz...

There's been lots of talk of Agar Agar these days, after HG's Lisa was seen on the TV show Extra talking about it.  The Japanese algae-based thickener is sometimes dissolved in teas and soups to help people feel fuller.  You can find it in some health food stores and on Amazon. ***Panera Bread has decided to remove all non naturally occurring trans fats from its food, and will roll out new trans fat free menu items by the end of this month.  Speaking of Panera, check out our Chew & Tell review***New Crunchy Snacks Spotted!  FYI...We eyed 100 Calorie Goldfish pouches (made with whole grains), Special K Snack Bites, and Quaker Multigrain Minis (cinnamon sugar flavor) at our local stores. That's all we've got.  HG out!
All the Rage?
All the Rage?
Today, February 27th, is National Chocolate Cake Day.  Celebrate with a Double Chocolate Dream VitaTop or Weight Watchers 1 Point Snack Cake.
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