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Dear Hungry Girl,

I love pasta but I dont like all those carbs and calories. What can I eat instead of noodles, that will still taste good?

-- Saying NO to Spaghetti

Dear Saying NO,

I love pasta, too, but I try to avoid it at all costs.  When I do indulge, I  stick with the whole wheat kind and keep the serving size small.  Recently, however, I discovered a way to make amazing faux pasta at home.  Stir-fry bean sprouts with some onions and mushrooms (using non-stick cooking spray).  Then add your favorite pasta sauce (I like Buitoni Garden Vegetable). Top it off with lowfat parmesean cheese and you've got yourself a bowl of "pasta" that has a fraction of the calories and carbs!  It may sound a little weird, but please keep an open mind and try's sooooooo good!

Dear Hungry Girl,

My friend and I have a bet.  She says eating a tuna salad sandwich at Subway is better for your diet than eating a roast beef or steak sub. I say she's wrong.  Please settle this for us!

-- Tuna is Evil

Dear Tuna is Evil, 

Despite popular belief, tuna can be very high in fat and calories.  That's due to the oily condiments it's often mixed with.  At Subway the 6" Tuna Salad sub packs in a whopping 430 calories and 19g of fat! That's  more than either the 6" Cheesesteak sub (360 cal., 10g fat) or the 6" roast beef sub (290 cal., 5g fat).  So the good news is you're right (Hope you won something good)!  The bad news is that tuna, which has always been considered a "diet food," can contain shockingly high amounts of fat & calories.  Quick Tip:  To avoid tuna salad with mystery ingredients, prepare it at home, where you can carefully monitor what's in it.  And try using Dijonnaise instead of light mayo - it's totally creamy, fat free and has just 5 calories per serving!

Bean sprouts have just 10 calories per cup, and are an excellent source of Vitamins. Yay!

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