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New this Month!
New this Month!
Salad Success at Wendy's!

Wendy's is at it again. Due to the popularity of their Garden Sensations salads, they're rolling out THREE new salad-tastic options this month. In addition to their already popular Mandarin Chicken and Chicken BLT salads, Wendy's will be serving up new Spinach Chicken, Chicken Caesar and Southwest Taco salads. According to Wendy's, they use only fresh ingredients made throughout the day, and their salads are never held overnight (thank goodness!).  To make room on the menu for these veggie-packed entrees, Wendy is saying so long to her 410 calorie, 18g of fat Homestyle Chicken Strips.  HG Tip:  Read those dressing packets carefully.  Dressing often contains more calories than the actual salad!

Calorie Confusion in the U.S.

A recent survey, conducted by the International Food Information Council, found that while Americans are concerned about their weight and tend to read nutrition labels, nearly nine out of 10 of them have no clue how many calories they should be consuming per day.  When asked how many calories they thought they should be taking in (based on age, weight and height), 43% responded "I don't know".  Of the 57% who did venture a guess, 79% guessed wrong. Craziness!  Rather than continuing to read about how clueless we are, click here to find out how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis. 

How Many Calories Do We Need?
How Many Calories Do We Need?
Word Up!
Word Up!
New on the Shelves...

Post AlphaBits No Sugar - An excellent source of whole grains and now with 0g of sugar, this 110 calorie, 2g of fat, 3g fiber cereal is a great b-fast option (and it's fun to spell words and eat them, too!).

All-Bran Bars - In Honey Oat, Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Oatmeal Raisin, these 130-calorie, 2-3g of fat, 5g of fiber bars have just 2 points each (if you count).

Sunsweet Lighter Bake Butter & Oil Replacement - New from Sunsweet (the prune peeps)-- it's a 100% fat and cholesterol free baking ingredient made from dried plums and apples. (1 Tbsp. = 35 calories).

The Buzz...

Dog owners walk almost twice as much as dogless people, according to Phys Ed researchers at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. may want to consider getting yourself a furry little friend to hang out with. ***Speaking of furry critters, a new study conducted on monkeys, showed that they were just as likely to gain weight from snacks eaten during the day as they were from snacks eaten late at night. Does the same apply to humans?  Who knows!  These particular researchers insist that a calorie is a calorie.  ***McDonald's is changing their coffee.  The fast food giants are hoping a stronger, richer blend will boost b-fast sales.  It's supposed to be available as of today, so keep an eye out for it. That's all we've got. HG out!
Buy a Doggie...Get in Shape!
Buy a Doggie...Get in Shape!
Today, March 6th, is National Beverage Day.  Sounds like the perfect day to drink things.
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