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Sweet  as  Sorbitol?
Sweet as Sorbitol?
Half-Sugar Apples on the Way?

Back in 2004, we brought you info about the grape-infused apple (aptly named the "grapple"), but now there's more news in the exciting world of fruitamorphosis. Scientists at the University of California in Davis are hard at work on a new, lower-sugar, NATURAL apple. Of the different types of sugars (fructose, sucrose and sorbitol) that are all found naturally in apples, sorbitol has half as many calories as the other two. The idea is to create fruit that contains more sorbitol, and less of the other natural sugars. Experts are confident that they can do this. So what does this mean for consumers?  Fruit with fewer calories, and lower point values. Sounds simultaneously intriguing and frightening to us, but we love apples and will remain open-minded and optimistic about this fruity new development.
Fatty Fishes = Good Times!

A new study shows that there may be one more reason to eat Omega 3s. In addition to being good for your heart, and your general health, it seems these fatty acids (which are found in fish, walnuts, and some leafy green veggies), are also good for your mood.  In the study, volunteers who had lower levels of Omega 3s, were more likely to have a negative attitude, or report that they were feeling mildly or moderately depressed. Feeling blue? Chow down on a salmon-topped spinach salad and let us know if your frown turns upside down.
Omega 3s ROCK!
Omega 3s ROCK!
Does Dairy Do It?
Does Dairy Do It?
The Truth About Dairy & Weight Loss

Over the past couple of years, we've been bombarded with conflicting reports about the effect dairy has on weight loss. Some studies say it helps us lose weight, while others say it can do just the opposite. The upcoming April issue of Women's Health features a few articles on the subject.  There's lots of relevant stuff in the mag, but the thing that interested us most, was that eating three servings of dairy a day CAN actually help people burn more fat than people who don't eat the dairy.  The reason, experts say, is the large amount of calcium that is in dairy.  Calcium acts as a fat-burner. According to the mag, "It appears that increasing calcium helps release fat-burning hormones and that other compounds in dairy help you hold on to muscle tissue often sacrificed during a weight-loss program. Other research indicates that when your body has too little calcium, the chemicals released to help maintain regular levels slow fat burning. " To read more about it, check out the April issue of Women's Health (nice mag, BTW), which goes on sale on March 21st.
New Foods & Stuff...

Sugar Free Cool Whip - There's Cool Whip Lite (lowfat), Cool Whip Free (fat free), and now SUGAR FREE COOL WHIP (sugar free). It's yet another option (with 20 calories and 1g fat per serving) in CW's ever-growing line of diet-friendly whipped toppings.

Little Debbie Nourishing Snack Bars - The Debster has been busy of late, turning some of her signature snacky cakes into good-for-you bars. They come in Nutty Peanut Butter, Swiss Creme and Oatmeal Creme and each has about 110-120 calories and 2-3g fat. Yum. We can't wait to try these.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables - These new flash-frozen veggies steam right in the bag. In NINE varieties. Woohoo!

No Sugar Cool Whip...Weeee!
No Sugar Cool Whip...Weeee!
This week is American Chocolate Week. Don't miss HG's Vitalicious Chocolate Snack Special...coming tomorrow!
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