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Here are some of our favorite new foods... 

(1 bar - calories: 180, fat: 6g, sodium: 125mg, carbs: 27g, fiber: 4g, sugar: 11g, protein: 9g = 3 points)

We're not afraid to admit that we love Luna Bars. And the reason is basically because they're an amazing way to satisfy a craving for a gooey candy bar, without, well, actually eating a candy bar. While all of Luna's chocolate-ish flavors are impressive, their new Caramel Nut Brownie bars are the best of the bunch. A combo of crispy, chocolatey crunchiness, walnuts, thick, gooey caramel, dark chocolate, and chocolate chips (wow, that's a lot of chocolate!), it's almost impossible to believe that this thing has just 180 calories. We say this bar is one of the BEST brownie swaps ever and we applaud it. Loudly. And for many minutes. HG Heads Up: The caramel in this bar tastes an awful lot like butterscotch. To us, that's not a bad thing, because we also love butterscotch. But if you aren't a fan of the stuff, consider yourself warned.



(1 packet - calories: 35, fat: 1g, sodium: 820mg, carbs: 4g, fiber: 0g, sugars: 0g, protein: 3g = 1 point)

This miso soup is FANTASTIC. It comes in packets that are easy to carry in your purse, your car, or coat pocket, and can easily be kept as an emergency snack in your desk at work. Face it, it's hard to find new and exciting low cal food items that are convenient and delicious. Keeping this stuff around is like making a quick stop at your favorite sushi bar without having to go anywhere (ok, and without the sushi, too, but you get the idea). Not only is it delicious, with little bits of tofu floating around in it, but it's also a satisfying snack, or a great addition to any lunch or dinner. All that for just 35 calories?! Sign us up!  HG Heads Up!  You will likely be able to find this soup in your local supermarket's International foods aisle.



(4 cookies - calories: 133, fat: 3.9g, sodium: 8.9mg, carbs: 21.5g, fiber: 1g, sugars: 10g, protein: 4g = 3 points)

Almondina has been described as a gourmet cookie, a health food, and a snack, all rolled into one. And we'd say that's a pretty accurate description of the addictive all-natural biscuits. Crunchy and thin, these biscotti-rific goodies come in a bazillion flavors -- everything from Choconut to Cinnaroma. Our personal favorites are the Original ones, which are packed with almonds and raisins, and based on Grandma Dina's secret recipe. We'd like to officially go on record to say GRANDMA DINA ROCKS! Warning: DO NOT take what we said about them being addictive lightly. If you're not careful, you can inhale an entire pack in one sitting. BTW, you can find these awesome treats at Whole Foods.


Today, March 23rd, is National Chip & Dip Day. Make salsa your dip of choice, and go for a chip that's low in fat (or fat free!).
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