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Doritos You Can Eat-o!
Doritos You Can Eat-o!
Mini Bites Hit Store Shelves!

Following in the footsteps of their forward-thinking competitors, Frito Lay has launched a line of portion controlled crunchy snacks. The brand new (and very enticing) 100 Calorie Mini Bites line includes Baked Cheetos, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos and Cheetos Asteroids. We find it interesting that Frito Lay decided to go with Baked Cheetos, but stick with the regular versions of their other snacks. One would think using baked versions would allow for larger servings.  We won't pass judgment until we see them with our own eyes. Unfortunately, our eyes are having a hard time locating them. Let us know if you've been able to get your hands on these savory snacksters.
Noodle This...

There's no end in sight to the tofu shirataki noodle craze. And if you've been enjoying these noodles, First For Women wants to know. The magazine is working on an upcoming article that will feature real women who have incorporated these noodles into their diet plans while losing weight. Does this describe YOU? Drop the fine folks over at First an email and let them know. And don't forget to tell them HG sent you.
Share Your Noodle Story
Share Your Noodle Story
Can Tofu Clobber Cholesterol?
Can Tofu Clobber Cholesterol?
Chow Down on Oatmeal and Tofu...and Kiss High Cholesterol Goodbye!

A new study published this month in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that following a rigid diet can be as effective at lowering cholesterol as taking cholesterol medication is. The winning diet plan included raw almonds, tofu (and other soy foods), oatmeal, barley, eggplant and plant sterol-enriched margarine. After a year, a group of people who stuck faithfully to the new eating plan lowered their cholesterol by an average of 29%. Impressive! Ready to embark on a tofu and oatmeal-eating plan? Click here for some tofu recipes, and here for HG's Rockin' Oatmeal Guide!  BTW, if you need to be reminded to check your cholesterol, click here to sign up for free health test reminders. (It's an awesome service!)
The Buzz...

Addicted to gummi candies? Now you can get your gummi bear fix a completely different (and less fattening) way. GummiLights are delicious-looking, candy-inspired rubbery friends that will not only add fun to any room, but when it's dark, tiny LEDs in their butts turn these squishy critters into incredibly cool lights. HG Warning: DO NOT EAT THEM! ***Tune in to Extra tonight, March 20th, to see HG's Lisa talk about guilt-free breakfast foods...Don't miss it! Three different studies published this month all conclude that grapefruits ROCK. Ok, maybe they didn't actually conclude that they "rock", but the studies did find that g-fruits can not only aid in weight loss, but can also lower cholesterol and protect against prostate cancer. Yowsa! That's all we've got. HG out!
The Light Stuff
The Light Stuff

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