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Organic Foods on the Rise

If you're a fan of organic foods, shopping is going to get a whole lot easier.  Organic foods are on the rise. Even food industry giants like Kraft have admitted that they feel organic foods are here to stay. So how will this affect YOU day to day?  Well, for starters, Wal-Mart's organic food section is going to DOUBLE in size (yes, we know some of you won't shop there.  That's fine.).  In addition to that, Safeway's O Organic brand foods will become available at their 1,775 stores in the US and Canada. Yowsa!  Hey, Whole Foods.  We LOVE you lots, but we're secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that all of this competition will cause you to price your organic food more competitively.
Will Organic Foods Rule the Food World?
Will Organic Foods Rule the Food World?
Add 1 Cup of Simplicity
Add 1 Cup of Simplicity
Cooking 101

Recipes have gotten so much simpler these days.  For example, companies like Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and Kraft, avoid using words like "saute", "braise", "simmer" and "sear".  Why?  Because basic cooking terms that have been used for centuries are now considered incomprehensible by the majority of Americans.  Whew!  For a while there we thought we were the only ones who were kitchen-challenged.  To check out HG's favorite super-simple recipes all in one place, click here!
Fizzy & New...

HG's spies recently eyed the following beverages at markets around the country...

Dasani Sensations - New fruity & fizzy flavored waters.

Coca-Cola Blak - The new coffee/cola combo beverage is now available at select stores. Don't miss HG's official review coming up this Friday!

Slice ONE - New zero calorie, sweetened-with-Splenda sodas in berry, orange & grape flavors.

Bold & Bubbly!
Bold & Bubbly!
Today, March 27th, is National Spanish Paella Day. Make your paella with sausage? Go for Al Fresco sausages instead of regular ones.  They're super-delicious, made of chicken, and are low in fat!
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