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It's our official review on Coca-Cola Blak...Woohoo!   


(1 bottle - calories: 45, fat: 0g, sodium: 30mg, carbs: 12g, fiber: 0g, sugar: 12g, protein: 0g = 1 point)

When we first heard about Coke Blak, we were less than excited to try it. The idea of a "carbonated fusion beverage" that was a cross between Coca-Cola and coffee sounded, well, kind of gross to us.  Aside from that, we expected this sweet, new caffeinated beverage to be off the charts high in calories.  Luckily we were wrong (which doesn't happen very often).  It's clear that the clever Coke folks are trying to take a bite out of Starbucks' coffee sales with Coke Blak, which will without a doubt appeal to a sophisticated, premium coffee drinking crowd.  And we think they'll succeed.  This new rich, energized Coke/coffee hybrid actually tastes pretty great.  It's a little bit fizzy (but not too fizzy for a morning drink), and it has a smooth, slightly coffee-ish, slightly cola-ish flavor. And, believe it or not, even though it contains sugar and isn't a "diet" product per se, it doesn't really have a lot of calories. Don't get us wrong, Coke Blak is far from healthy, but pour it over ice and you'll have yourself a snazzy little morning pick-me-up for just 45 calories. Not bad at all. And unlike that ridiculous, short-lived "half-calorie" fizzy fiasco C2, this drink is actually worth the calories it contains.

HG Tip: For a little extra zazzle, try adding a splash of light vanilla soy milk to it and you'll have yourself a bubbly, creamy, iced coffee-ish beverage sensation. Weeeee!

Pros: It tastes great, is original and has just 45 calories a serving.

Cons: It's basically just coffee, soda and sugar, so it's not exactly good for you. We therefore don't advise you to put it into regular rotation.

Overall Score: 8.5
March 31st is Oranges & Lemons Day. Time for a little healthy citrus in your life. Woohoo!
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