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Dear Hungry Girl,

What is the best thing for me to eat before a cardio workout? I never know...

Wondering in Woonsocket
Dear Wondering,

Great Q! And since I'm not an exercise expert by any stretch of the imagination, I asked my close, personal pal, Dr. Adam Shafran (aka Dr. Fitness), who was eager to help. According to the good doctor, the best thing to eat definitely varies from person to person. Says Doc Fitness, "If you are going to snack, I'd stick to something in the carbohydrate family like Gatorade, a low-calorie bagel, an English muffin, a few pretzels, a banana or an apple. Carbs are great before you exercise because they digest easily and provide readily available energy that will help you throughout your workout. Don't go overboard -- stick to a snack-size portion - around 200 calories or less." Anything in particular you should stay away from? Adam insists you should avoid candy bars and cookies. "They have way too much fat and calories in them. A high fat snack eaten right before you exercise will cause your body to spend more time and energy digesting, sending more blood to the stomach ...instead of your working muscles and not letting you get the most out of your workout." There you have it. To hear more from Adam, check out his "Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy" podcasts. You can even click here to hear me as a guest on the show. Weeeee!

Hello, HG!

In your "Chew & Tell" reviews you always say "we" tried this or that. Who is the "we"?  Do you have a panel of tasters?  And where do you keep finding new foods?  Do companies send things to you?


Tell Me Stuff
Dear Tell Me,

Lots of people email in asking who the HG "we" is. Here's the deal. I pride myself on having great tastebuds, but I also have a small group of people whose opinions I trust greatly. Often we taste things together. Sometimes it's just me and Elizabeth (who is HG's producer and graphic designer...and she's also as crazy about food as I am). Other times I assemble a little group of my foodie friends and we taste stuff together. Either way, it's rarely ever me on my own, so I say "we" instead of I.  As for how I/we find the foods to test -- well, that happens different ways.  Companies do pitch HG, and subscribers often email ideas to me as well.  Other times it's just stuff that I find while shopping.  I only end up featuring stuff we really like.  Have any ideas or requests?  Send 'em on in!

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