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Beware of the 1080 Calorie Bacon Burger!
Beware of the 1080 Calorie Bacon Burger!
Calorie-Counter Alert!

Are you fed up with restaurants who REFUSE to make their nutritional information public?  So are we.  But we're thrilled to report that Chili's has added full nutritional info to their web site (for everything, not just their Guiltless Grill items).  And PF Chang's has added nutritionals to their site as well.  We LOVE this trend, 'cuz while it's scary to see how many calories and fat grams restaurant chain food contains, at least you know what you're getting into.  The big unknown in the world of restaurant dining is, of course, The Cheesecake Factory (who keeps their nutritional info under tighter security than our country's nuclear launch codes).  Let's change that.  If we all send emails to the Cheesecake folks demanding that they make their info public, maybe they will.  HG POWER!

TLC Debuts Honey We're Killing the Kids

Tune in tonight for the debut of TLC's "Honey, We're Killing the Kids", a new reality show that will transform the lives of 13 families across the US.  In each family, the kids have basically become junk food junkies who rarely exercise and are at risk of getting sick.  HWKTK (our little pet name for the show) offers a startling look at the causes of America's childhood obesity epidemic, and issues a critical wake-up call for parents.  Can Dr. Lisa Hark turn around these sugar-addicted kids and help them get on a path to a healthy future in just three weeks?  Tune in to find out.  And check out the show's web site for tools, tips and a family activity guide.
Premieres Tonight at 9pm on TLC!
Premieres Tonight at 9pm on TLC!
Bidding for Bubbles!
Bidding for Bubbles!
New Product Alerts!

Diet Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream - New from our favorite soda Doc (sorry, Dr. Brown), it's a zero calorie bev that combines the flavors of berries, cream, and Dr. Pepper.  We hear this stuff isn't readily available in stores just yet, but people are selling it on eBay.  Only in America...

Diet Ocean Spray Drinks - The cranberry masters have launched their first-ever diet drinks (5 calories!) that contain real fruit juice.  They're also partnering with Bacardi to introduce the 5-0 Cocktail Collection, a line of fruity rum cocktails that contain 50 calories or less.  Woohoo!

Tropicana FruitWise - The OJ kings have just released drinkable fruit drinks, fruit strips and fruit bars, under the label Tropicana FruitWise.  Psssst...this is the only solid food product made by Tropicana (no, frozen novelties aren't solid food).

Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus - We're not gonna lie. We haven't tasted any of the above products, but we've been slurping down this new citrus-licious green tea from Lipton like its going out of style.
The Buzz...

A recent study done on HUMANS (not rats), and by reputable researchers (without getting funding from industry groups), shows that consuming aspartame, even in fairly large amounts, is NOT linked to cancer. Even Michael Jacobson who runs the CSPI (and has had serious doubts about aspartame in the past) admitted that this new development "goes a fair way toward allaying concerns" about the sweetener. Veeeery interesting. ***FREE STUFF ALERT! Want your own copy of "Small Bites: Ranch Dressing Recipes for Kids", a book of kid-approved, nutritious recipes? Click here NOW and grab one before they're all gone! ***A recent study concluded that humans who eat beans weigh less than non-bean-eating humans. Are beans magical weight loss aids, or are they just high in fiber? Click here for more info on the study. ***Wanna help HG? TAKE OUR NEW POLL NOW!  Thats all we've got.  HG out!
Sweet News!
Sweet News!
Today, April 10th, is National Cinnamon Crescent Day. Instead of a crescent roll, have a slice of light bread with a smear of light butter and a sprinkle of San Sucre Cinnamon Sugar.
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