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Burger Bummer!
Burger Bummer!
HG ALERT!!! Problems for Praeger...

It's a very sad day here at Hungry Girl. We recently learned that Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burger, a patty very near and dear to our hearts, may in fact contain more fat and calories than the nutrition label claims. In two independent tests, the burgers were found to have approximately twice the fat, and a significant number of calories (20-30%) more than the doc's label states. Since the discovery was made, the company has been ordered to remove their American Heart Association endorsement from all boxes. Dr. Praeger's says the fat content has gone up temporarily due to the water levels in the vegetables. So what steps will be taken next? The burgers will be re-formulated and re-tested. Our advice? Know what you're getting into...and when dealing with any of Doc P's products, play it safe and blot the excess oil off of the item before eating (we've noticed the greasiness and fear that some of their other products may have more fat than what's listed, too). More details on this as they become available...
Summer Shape-Ups!

Ready to get fit (or at least slightly de-flabbed) for summer? Check these out...

AOL's Beach-Ready Boot Camp - A six week (it started on 4/24, so catch up!) series of fitness videos from top trainers like Jillian Michaels (launches today), Leslie Sansone and more. Download these audio and video workouts that cover everything from walking and yoga, to pilates and strength training. Woohoo! Remember, new stuff launches each week so keep checking back.

The Fitness Challenge - Created by a mother/daughter team, this board game/exercise program is perfect for wannabe exercisers who need motivation to get started. All you need to do is pick a partner, and let the fun 8-week challenge begin! (There are even zany coupons to help motivate you! ) Click here for all the details.

The Biggest Loser Club Online Summer Challenge - Sign up and take the challenge. If you win, you'll get $20,000 and have your story featured on "The Biggest Loser" tv show. Check it all out here.
Get Your Bod Beach-Ready!
Get Your Bod Beach-Ready!
Chip, Chip Hooray!
Chip, Chip Hooray!
Exciting Food News...

Frito-Lay Embraces Sunflower Oil - Good news for chip-lovers! Lay's and Ruffles are making the switch to NuSun sunflower oil. The change won't affect taste, but it will reduce saturated fat in their chips by more than 50%.  Please note: While the new chips will be healthier, they'll still contain the same amount of fat grams and calories, so this is not an excuse to get potato-chip crazy and inhale a bag.

Pepsi Jazz on the Way - Following in the fizzy footsteps of Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and Dr. Pepper's creamy, berry-ish flavors, Pepsi is expected to release a line of similar zero-calorie fruit flavored sodas. Flavors are rumored to include strawberries & cream and black cherry french vanilla.

Sugar Free Tootsie Rolls? Could Be! - Insiders are buzzing about the fact that a sugar free version of the popular classic chocolate candy is on the way. Can't wait...
The Buzz...

These days, the most popular item in Amazon's Gourmet Food store isn't even's toothpicks?!  It seems cinnamon toothpicks are selling like hotcakes 'cuz people are insisting they can do everything from curb appetite to help you stop smoking (not to mention get stuff out of your teeth!). Check these tasty, calorie-free, retro faves out here. ***New research shows that your home decor can make you chubbier, because decorating styles can affect your eating habits. Wanna hear more? Blues and greens -- calming, cool colors -- tend to diminish your appetite.  Larger plates and dim lighting cause you to eat more, so we say turn up the lights and serve your dinner on a saucer!  ***Heads up!  Your pants may not be the only thing expoding when you attempt to enjoy one of those over-caloried, self-heating cans of Wolfgang Puck flavored lattes.  Seems these things have been malfunctioning left and right.  The company has received 917 written complaints and over 1,000 calls from upset consumers.  Wolfgang's company has asked that the product be recalled until they can fully assess the situation.  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Pick a Winner!
Pick a Winner!
Today, May 8th, is National Have a Coke Day!  Celebrate with a Coke Zero...
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