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Java Coke & a Smile!
Java Coke & a Smile!
Coffee Tawk...

What is UP with coffee taking over the world these days? First there was Coke Blak, cola infused with the stuff. Now there are various coffee bars and candies, including General Mills' Caribou Coffee granola bars (which we tasted last week -- interesting!) on the way. There's also Wrigley's new Doublemint Kona Creme, which is coffee flavored gum that's being test marketed in 7-Eleven stores nationwide. And in an interesting twist, despite coffee being "hotter" than ever (no pun intended...really), Starbucks is focusing their efforts these days on developing some fruity, seasonal beverages. No worries, there are more coffee drinks in development as well, as Starbucks has promised to debut one new drink per season.
Dining Out Dilemmas Defeated

Find yourself confused about what to order when you're dining out? Well, since you can't schlep your computer and the HG web site with you everywhere, you may want to grab yourself a copy of a handy dandy guide called "What to Eat When You're Eating Out." Written by dietician and healthy restaurant eating guru Hope S. Warshaw, this 700 plus page (yes, it's chunky, but you won't be if you use it!) book is jam-packed with sample meals and healthy bets for over 60 popular chain restaurants, from Chuck E. Cheese to P.F. Chang's. Included are tips, tricks and nutritional charts, guaranteed to make your outside-the-home meal way less confusing and calorie-packed than it could be. We recommend keeping a copy in your car, and one in your desk at work.  One thing, though.  Don't expect to find nutritionals for hard to find chains like The Cheesecake Factory and CPK.  Sadly, those chains don't make their nutritional info available...
Your New Dining Companion
Your New Dining Companion
Lean Eggs & Ham
Lean Eggs & Ham
New & Yap-worthy!

Here are some up and coming food finds for ya...

egg beaters Ham & Cheese - It's a lowfat, low cal omelette in a carton. Coming your way in June!

Crayola Color Coolerz - These made-with-Splenda beverages are intended for kids, but they're so pretty and fun you'll wanna sip 'em, too. They'll land on shelves in August.

Lipton Original Iced Tea, Unsweetened - Finally, unsweetened tea in a bottle. Add your own sweetener of choice, or guzzle it straight. The choice is yours. On shelves NOW!

KidSense Fun Packs, Teddy Grahams Cubs, Cinnamon - 100 calories of cuddly deliciousness...available now.
The Buzz...

We chomped our way thru the FMI (Food Marketing Institute) show last week in Chicago, and we'll be telling you all about our many new HG-friendly food discoveries in the coming weeks.  ***Is Hershey's going healthy? In an effort to jump on the wellness bandwagon, the chocolate giant has announced that it will form a Center for Health and Nutrition that will develop better-for-you snacks.  Awesome!  ***A few weeks ago we reported that Whole Foods might start to feel the heat of the mainstream organic food boom, with the launch of organic food lines from Safeway and Wal-Mart. Well, to combat perceptions the public may have about the chain being pricey, Whole Foods is launching a campaign that will emphasize "value" and "deals". Doesn't sound very Whole Foods-ish to us...we always thought they embraced their priciness. ***The FDA has rejected a company's petition to claim that green tea may reduce risk factors linked to cardiovascular disease. After reviewing several studies, the FDA determined that there is not enough evidence to show that green tea reduces the risk of CVD. Last year, the FDA rejected another company's petition to claim that green tea fights cancer. BTW, this doesn't mean that green tea isn't healthy, it merely shows that science hasn't yet proven its impact on CVD or cancer. That's all we've got. HG out!

**HG ALERT! The June issue of Good Housekeeping is out this week, and it features an article about Hungry Girl.  Check it out online here.

HG's Lisa Hangs with TT at FMI!
HG's Lisa Hangs with TT at FMI!

May is National Hamburger Month. Celebrate often, with Boca Burgers. Yum!


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