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Hungry but don't wanna be? Check out these super-duper appetite-curbers from HG... 

You've likely heard this one before, but it's true. Drinking water will curb your appetite. Try guzzling a full glass of it before a meal, and there's a good chance you'll eat less. If you have trouble getting cold water down, try drinking the stuff at room temperature. Check out HG's water reviews for more info on H2O!


Spicy Stuff:

"Hot" foods that pack a lot of spice and heat can help in several ways. First off, they tend to dull your taste buds a bit, which helps you eat less. And they have a metabolism-boosting affect as well. HG's Hot Sauce Pick: Go for Frank's Red Hot over run-of-the-mill Tabasco. Frank's tastes great, and isn't nearly as red hot as it sounds!  It's actually fairly mild for a hot sauce, though it does come in "extra hot" as well...


Broth-Based Soups:

Foods that are simply hot in temperature -- like soup -- can pummel your appetite. Just make sure your soup isn't all creamy and packed with fat. Straight broths -- like chicken or veggie broth -- are AWESOME picks. Be aware of the sodium count if you watch your salt intake. And, to turn your appetite-bashing soup into something even more fun and exciting, dump a bag of Tofu Shirataki Noodles into it. Your HUGE bowl of noodle soup will have about 60 calories! Woohoo!



Apples rock our faces off. It's true, and here's why. They're healthy, fairly low in calories, packed with fiber (so they help you feel full!) and they taste great any time of day. What we like best about 'em, though, is the fact that people very rarely overeat them. Snack on chips (even lowfat ones) and you can easily take in 300-600 calories if you're not very careful. You'll never do that with apples. Try it and see...



We HEART pickles. Yes, we know they're high in sodium, so they're not the best bet for those who avoid high-salt foods, but aside from that they are a fantastic way to help curb cravings. Low in calories and high in flavor, these crunchy critters are extremely satisfying and practically calorie-free. So if you're not a strict sodium-counter, we say pickle it up!


Lowfat/Fat Free Yogurt:

You'd be surprised how satisfying a little cup of lowfat or fat free yogurt can be. We love Yoplait Light -- and a cup of that stuff only has about 100 calories and is fat free. It's a perfect little filling snack any time of day or night...


Green, Leafy Veggies:

Steam a little cabbage or spinach, or chop up some lettuce.  Greens can be filling, delicious friends for you, and are a great way to fill out a meal without adding too many calories. Go for it!


HG Tip!

Even though many experts put nuts into the appetite-curbing category, and they CAN help you feel fuller (and they're healthy!), we think they're a little too dangerous to use in this way. Why? Simply because it's hard to keep portion sizes down. In other words, we support nuts and love tossing a few on salads, frozen yogurt, or even in our oatmeal, but thinking of them as a way to curb your appetite could result in your taking in 1000+ calories if you're not careful. So use caution when eating 'em!


Hey...Today, May 25th, is National Brown-Bag-It Day. Bring your lunch wherever you go!
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