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Dear HG,

My office has "Donut Day" where donuts, muffins, caramel rolls, bagels and cookies are brought in for us. Is there anything that would be semi OK to eat?  I'm scared of all the calories and carbs bagels contain. Is there something you can suggest that they can pick up at the local supermarket as a healthier choice?

Ditchin' Donuts
Dear Ditchin'

The idea of "donut day" seems very twenty years ago to me. It's too bad people aren't being a bit healthier these days. But since I can't change the world and "donut day" does exist in YOUR world, and is something you have to deal with on a regular basis, here's what I recommend. First off, never come to work hungry on donut day. In fact, try to eat breakfast as late as you can on that day, so all of the gooey junk food doesn't seem nearly as interesting to you. The best option of all of the existing ones you mentioned, is probably the bagel. But don't eat yours as is, because depending on where they come from, a bagel can have up to 500 or more calories -- and that's insane! If you ARE going to indulge in a bagel, scoop out the doughy middle and toss it. Then top your de-doughed bagel with some preserves, jelly, or fat free/low fat cream cheese instead of butter. I also think whoever is in charge of "donut day" should pick up a big fruit salad along with those starchy items. Another option would be to regularly order VitaMuffins or VitaTops from That way, while everyone else is munching on overly fatty, sweet stuff, you can indulge in a sweet treat as well -- only yours will be super-healthy.  Vitalicious' baked goods will remain fresh in the office freezer for months, they taste fantastic and are really good for you. Good luck!!!

Dear Hungry Girl,

There is a gas station by my house that has shakes you can get out of a machine. There are many different flavors available, and they are made with low fat ice cream.  I am not sure how to count these on Weight Watchers. The small size is 12 oz. What would be comparable in calories?

Shakin' it Up!
Dear Shakin',

Your question worries me on a few levels. In your first sentence alone there are a couple of alarming concepts. First off, gas stations and shake machines?! Yikes!  You are not likely to find anything remotely healthy or low cal at your local gas station -- especially not the frozen goo that is dispensed by their shake machines. The stuff that comes out of that thing is likely similar in nutritionals to fast food shakes and those are complete disasters. Your 12 oz. gas station treat probably contains about 400-800 calories, but the worst part is we really just don't know for sure. So rather than guess whether that thing has 7 points or 17 of them, I would just skip it altogether and leave the shake slurping for when you're at home and have some time to make satisfying ones you can suck down without sucking up all of your calories (or points) for the day. Here are links to some of my personal fave shake recipes -- HG's Cookie-rific Ice Cream Freeze and the ever-popular Strawberry Cloud. The fact of the matter is, you are much better off indulging when you know exactly what you're getting into. Guessing point values and calorie counts on fattening stuff is a tough game...and I think it's a bad idea to play it.

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