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Here's a friendly HG reminder to look out for these drive-thru disasters!
Warning...what you are about to read may frighten and shock you...   
Burger King's Triple Whopper w/ Cheese

This is one MONSTER of a burger.  The size of a small to medium sized pet, this mess of a meatfest is way too big unless you plan on sharing it with a group.  How bad is this burger blunder?  Try 1,230 calories and 82g of fat bad.  82 grams of fat?!?  Are they KIDDING?  Unfortunately not.  HG Tip: When it comes to fast food burgers, it's all about portion control. Feel the need to bite one?  Go ahead and do it.  Just make it a regular hamburger or cheeseburger.  And be sure to ask for no mayo!  A burger like this (McDonald's cheeseburger, for example) has around 310 calories and 12g fat.  Or, better yet, if you live near an In-N-Out Burger, opt for a single, protein style, with ketchup and mustard instead of their special "sauce"-- it'll only set you back 160 calories.

Wendy's Bacon & Cheese Baked Potato

Sure, the fact that this spud has some cheese and bacon bits on it sends up some red flags, but considering that this is a baked potato, some might be fooled into thinking it's a safe choice.  Not so.  Turns out this cheese-smothered vegetable contains a shocking 460 calories and 13 grams of fat.  Why so many?  That rascal Wendy likes to drown the things in cheese and bacon.  Sheesh!  HG Tip: If you're a big-time potato fan, there's no need to worry. You can still order one of these starchy staples--just be sure to get it plain and ask for a packet of reduced fat sour cream & chives. That way your potato will clock in at 320 calories and 4g of fat.

Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Pizza has fatty, calorie-packed cheese tucked away in its crust.  Is that cool or frightening?  Well, one slice of their stuffed crust pepperoni contains 370 calories and 15g of fat.  Pretty disturbing when you see the size of 'em.  You'll need at least two to fill you up.  So unless you want to be "stuffing" yourself into your jeans, we recommend you pass on this pizza. HG Tip: Love pizza?  Have a slice or two of Pizza Hut's Fit 'N Delicious w/ Green Pepper, Red Onion & Diced Red Tomato.  Each one clocks in at just 140 calories.

Jack in the Box's Bacon & Cheese Ciabatta Burger

Don't be fooled.  Just cause this one has a fancy name doesn't mean it's better for you.  One of these ciabatta sandwiches has 1,140 calories and 79g of fat.  That's enough calories for an entire day!  HG Tip: At Jack in the Box and don't know what to get?  Try thinking "out of the box" and ordering a Southwest Chicken Pita for 230 calories and 3.5g fat.

Carl's Jr.'s Chili Cheese Fries

We know these are supposed to be a side dish, but if you're crazy enough to order these freakish fries PLEASE don't eat a calorie-packed burger along with them.  One order of these pathetic potatoes will set you back 920 calories and 51g of fat.  It's really pretty ridiculous.  HG Tip: If you're a fan of chili, pick some up from Wendy's.  It's low cal (220 cal for a small), high in fiber and really delicious.

KFC's Famous Bowls

Ok, here's the story with this hideous bowl.  Gravy-smothered mashed potatoes are topped with corn, then packed with fried chicken nuggets and blanketed with three cheeses.  Not kidding.  This meal seems like some sort of a joke. It isn't.  And by the way. is it NOT a little presumptuous of KFC to call these brand new offerings "famous" when they were released, like, yesterday?  In any case, we say you can do a lot better for 690 calories and 31g fat. If you find yourself at KFC, reach for a Tender Roast Filet Meal.  It has just 360 calories and 7g of fat.


Today, June 2nd, is National Rocky Road Day. If you feel like celebrating this one, opt for a few spoonfuls of Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light Rocky Road Ice Cream. Yum!


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