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Two Good!
Two Good!
A Double Whammy from the Double W!

Two brand new Weight Watchers cookbooks are here.  Bundled together for your kitchen pleasure are Super Foods (a book of recipes that use the most nutritious foods out there), and In No Time (meals that can be prepared and on the table in 20 minutes or less). The catch is, they're not available at bookstores, and can only be snapped up at Weight Watchers locations. An added incentive to buy is that one dollar from the sale of each set sold in May & June will be donated to The American Cancer Society. FYI, you DO NOT need to be a member of WW to purchase these books, or ANY of the awesome and delicious products they sell at WW meeting locations. So march in and check out all they've got to offer. (Pssst...our close, personal pals tell us the 1 point bars and pretzel crackers are selling like mad...)
The Grill of Victory

Freebie Alert!  For your very own "Grill Power" booklet and oodles of no-cost grilling goodies, check out Once you're SURE you've got your grill on, you may be ready to enter the National Pork Board's "Ultimate Grill Gal" contest. Winners will nab themselves $500 grill kits. Woohoo!

BBQ & YOU!  Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce is celebrating the arrival of summer (and four new flavors!) with their "Can You Go Pro?" BBQ contest. Tell 'em what makes you the baddest BBQer around and you could win yourself a grill-tastic gift valued at over $10,000.

You Go, Grill!
You Go, Grill!
Comfort Zone!
Comfort Zone!
Fun New Stuff!

They're either here, or coming soon, so get ready for...

Cedarlane Zone Meals -- They're hee-eere! Get in the zone with a dozen snazzy, guilt-free low fat, high protein, moderate carb frozen meals. There are pizzas, omelettes, burritos & more. Weeee!

VitaMuffin Mixes -- Yes, the rumors are true. You'll soon be able to bake up batches of yummy, healthy, fiber-ific VitaMuffins and VitaBrownies in the privacy of your own home. We'll be testing these in the HG kitchen and reporting on them soon.

Diet Hansen's Green Tea Sodas - No sugar, no carbs, no aspartame and no calories! These Splenda-sweetened fizzy bevs come in lemon mint, tangerine and ginger and are packed with antioxidants.  No word yet on how they taste...

The Buzz...

Ok, how cool is Austria?!  Their postal service has teamed up with Haagen Dazs to create stamps that taste like Cookies & Cream, Macadamia Nut Brittle and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream when you lick 'em! Yum! Kind of makes us wanna move there. ***Are you a nutritional info know-it-all? If you think you're the queen of calories, check out this fun little game that'll test how much you REALLY know about counting those pesky little things. ***New research from the National Institute on Aging shows that natural compounds available in wild blueberries may, in fact, decrease the incidence of, or actually even prevent the occurrence of age-related diseases. Blueberries are higher in antioxidants than any other fruit, so we highly recommend eating 'em. That's all we've got. HG out!

No-Cal Haagen Dazs?
No-Cal Haagen Dazs?

Today, May 22nd, is National Vanilla Pudding Day. Whoop it up with a 60 calorie Sugar Free Jell-O pudding cup!

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