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Will Work for Food
Will Work for Food
Wanna Work for Hungry Girl?

Do you have a flair for writing and a good sense of humor?  Are you a bit of a grammar snob?  Think you could be a valuable addition to the very small but growing Hungry Girl team?  If you read HG every day and think... "Wow, I could write that?" and "Boy, what a cool job that must be!", you may be in luck.  HG is seeking the help of a few die-hard guilt free food fanatics. If you feel you've got what it takes, simply send an email to, and include the following:

1. Tell us why you think you'd be a great HG staffer (in 200 words or less, please!  And don't be afraid to brag.)

2. A resume (pasted into the email, not as an attachment.  We don't care if it doesn't look pretty.)

3. A writing sample -- 300 - 500 words. (We DO NOT want poetry, an essay you wrote, or something you whipped up for the local paper. We want a sample HG piece - written in the HG "voice" about something HG-ish. Perhaps a "Chew & Tell Review", news item, or food find.)

We won't be responding to each submission personally, and we cannot answer specific questions, so please don't send any.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Fiber, Fiber Everywhere...

Fiber.  It's everywhere these days (who ever thought the stuff would actually become trendy?!).  We here at HG are constantly promoting the newest (and most delicious) ways to get your recommended 25-30 grams of it a day, but studies show that the American diet in general, as well as some popular diet plans, often fall short of that goal.  If you're looking to add more fiber to your diet with a supplement, check out the new FiberChoice plus Calcium chewable tablets.  They come in sugar free flavors like cherry, strawberry and wild berry.  FYI, many experts still insist that it's better to get your fiber from actual foods, but adding fiber to your diet in the form of supplements is better than not getting it at all!

And speaking of fiber and diets, you may want to check out the new book The Reality Diet by Dr. Steven A. Schnur (he's a cardiologist). His "fight fat with fiber" plan is getting great buzz and offers up a more sensible, "real", anti-fad diet approach to eating.  The book is 400 pages long, and jam-packed with recipes, menus, and dining out and exercise tips.

Get Real
Get Real
Have a Nice Spray!
Have a Nice Spray!
Diet Drinks on Tour?!

To promote their snazzy new line of diet juice drinks, Ocean Spray is taking their 5-calorie Cranberry Spray and Orange Citrus Spray beverages on the road!  The "Take a Vacation From Ordinary Diet Drinks" tour will hit a bunch of cities between now and July 4th.  Visitors to the funky beveragemobile will be treated to massages, relaxing music, ice cold samples of the drinks and more.  Check out the tour dates and cities here, and remember, if you can't visit with the Ocean Spray folks live, check out their site for more info.  While you're there, be sure to play the online scratch & win game for a chance to grab iPod Shuffles, Bath & Body Works gift certificates, one year supplies of Diet Ocean Spray and more.  Yippeeee!

Fun Food News:

Splenda Quick Packs - How many times have you attempted to add the PERFECT amount of Splenda to your unsweetened pitchers of iced tea, Kool-Aid or lemonade -- and failed miserably? Well, those days are over, friend. Splenda Quick Packs, convenient pouches that contain just the right amount of sweetener for your 2-quart pitcher, can be found wherever you purchase your powdered drinks. Woohoo!

New Oroweat Breads - Three new breads from Oroweat have arrived.  There's Whole Grain & Oat (which may lower cholesterol), Whole Grain & Flax (which contains Omega-3s), and their new Country Whole Grain bread (sliced white bread made with whole grain).  We're looking foward to giving these a try.

Go Bananas - Healthy snack seekers, check this out.  Chiquita Bananas are now being sold individually at 3,000 convenience stores and gas stations nationwide (like Shell and Circle K). Instead of grabbing an ice cream pop, protein bar or bag of chips, you can reach for a banana.  Rumor has it, customers are going ape for 'em (sorry, we couldn't resist that one).

Bready Set Go!
Bready Set Go!
Today is National Donut Day. We recommend boycotting the celebration this year, peeps!

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