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Calling All Foodies!
Calling All Foodies!
Be a Food Inventor!

Do you spend your days dreaming up new food ideas? Ever fantasize about seeing them on store shelves? Here's your big chance to make all of your food dreams come true...literally. Kraft is turning to consumers to help them develop new products.  And they'll even pay you if they decide to use your idea! What an awesomely exciting, glorious day it is! Check out their site for all the details. And will SOMEONE tell 'em to get movin' on some sort of 100 calorie macaroni and cheese item...pleeeeeeease?!
Wendy's Swaptastic News!

Stopping in at Wendy's for lunch? These days there's absolutely no excuse to have fatty french fries with that grilled chicken sandwich. Our health conscious pals at Wendy's are offering MANY better-for-you swap-outs with their combo meals. Instead of fried spuds, treat yourself to one of two side salads, a small chili, baked potato, low fat strawberry yogurt, or Baked Lay's Potato Chips. McDonald's, of course, has better-for-you options, including their Go Active adult Happy Meals. On the flip side of that, the fat-pushing freaks at Jack in the Box are proudly serving up a new "Diner Melt Combo", consisting of a patty melt, a malted crunch shake, and some natural cut fries. That fast food fiasco will set you back over 1,700 calories and 100g of fat. How embarrassing.
Swap 'Til Ya Drop
Swap 'Til Ya Drop
Groovy Little Greens
Groovy Little Greens
New, Cool Stuff...

Iceberg Babies - If you love cute little EVERYTHING half as much as we do, you'll flip over these teeny, tiny heads of iceberg lettuce. No bigger than a 12 inch softball, these lovable little lettuces are not yet available at stores, but may be popping up at a supermarket near you very soon. Ideal for making healthy and delicious lettuce cup dishes, we can't wait to get our paws on these groovy greens.

Dreyer's Slow Churned Light Ice Cream, New Flavors - It's that time of year again. Dreyer's/Edy's has released their limited edition Slow Churned Light versions of Nestle Drumstick Sundae Cone and Orange & Cream ice cream. They'll be gone before you know it so grab some now before it's too late!

Nestea Diet Peach Green Tea -- This stuff has been spotted on shelves and we hear it's good. We're looking forward to sampling it for ourselves soon. (And remember, it IS National Iced Tea Month, people!)
The Buzz...

A recent review of studies that were conducted over the past 30 years shows that eating up to one whole egg per day is unlikely to have substantial overall impact on the risk of coronary heart disease. Experts say the benefits of eggs may actually outweigh the fact that they contain a fair amount of cholesterol. Still not convinced? Eat one yolk for every three eggs you consume to play it safe. ***Help the ever-popular, world famous 20-calorie DumDum lollipop celebrate its 100th birthday. Check out their site for all the DumDum details. Weeeeee! ***Lighter candy is all the rage these days. Whether it's re-formulated or simply just a smaller version of an old favorite, candy companies are starting to offer many lower cal options. In fact, we've just gotten word that Hershey's will introduce a 100-calorie candy bar later this year. More details on this new item as soon as we have 'em. That's all we've got. HG out!
Egg-cellent News
Egg-cellent News
Today, June 12th, is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day. It just might be time to chew on a South Beach Diet Peanut Butter Cookie, or a pack of Nabisco's 100 Calorie Planters Peanut Butter Cookie packs. Mmmmm!
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