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Hungry Girl,

Can you give me some information about mangos? What are their benefits and also their nutritional value (i.e. calories, sugar, fat, etc.)?

Mango Maven

Dear Maven,

Mangos ROCK! They are actually one of the most popular fruits  in the world but live their lives under the radar here in the US. With a peachy/pineappley flavor, they are ideal to use in recipes and fantastic eaten straight.  A large mango (no skin) contains about 135 calories, less than 1g fat, 35g carbs, 4mg sodium, 30g sugars and a whopping 4g of fiber. Slightly unwieldy and tricky to slice (that giant pit is so irritating!), I recommend using a mango splitter to do the work for you. Here are some more interesting mango facts. There are hundreds of varieties of mangos, they continue to ripen once they're off the tree (and in your home), they contain vitamins A & C, as well as beta carotene and are known as "the king of fruit" throughout the world. Still want more mango info? Check out Chef Allen Susser's The Great Mango Book for info and awesome mango-rific recipes!

Dear HG,

I'm new to your site and have several questions. When you say "points" do you mean Weight Watchers points? Do people pay you to write about their products? Where can I find Torani syrup and Blue Bunny ice cream products? Also - what's your favorite beverage? Ok, that's all for now.

Curious in Cleveland

Dear Curious,

WOW...that's a lot of questions. You really are curious, aren't you? OK, here goes. Yes, when I mention "points" I am referring to Weight Watchers points. A large number of HG subscribers follow the WW plan, so I often include points values as a courtesy. As far as being paid to write about things-- no, none of the editorial you read in HG is paid for.  That means NOTHING in our News, Chew the Right Thing, Ask HG, Weekly Weigh In and Girls Bite Out is paid for. Companies can't pay to be featured in HG editorial. You will notice HG does occasionally send sponsored dedicated emails, and that we include banners and Guilt Free Grocery advertorials in select emails. Those things are paid for, but please know that any ads you do see are all for products that I approve of and would feature in editorial anyway. This means that all ads and special offers are only for products that I really like. Moving on. Torani syrup can be found at stores like Smart & Final and Cost Plus World Market. It's also sold online at Amazon and select sites. Torani's web site has more details. As for Blue Bunny, their products are carried at select supermarkets (more readily available in the midwest), and can also be found nationally at Wal-Mart Supercenters. And, as for the beverage thing, my favorite thing to drink is water (but about once or twice a week I'll have a Coke Zero, which is my diet soda of choice).  Whew, that was exhausting...

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