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National Casting Call Alert!
National Casting Call Alert!
The Biggest Loser...Starring YOU!?!

Do you think you're a natural for TV? Are you interested in nabbing a spot on NBC's hit weight loss reality show, The Biggest Loser?  If you answered yes to both of these questions (not just one!), you need to check out one of the LIVE casting calls for the show in July.  They'll be in cities like Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, NYC and many more.  Ready for your close up?  Check out their web site for all the details!

Sesame Street Gets Healthy!

Can it be true? Is our beloved Cookie Monster trading in baked goods for corn?  That's what they tell us.  Sesame Street is teaming up with Del Monte (our fruit 'n veggie producing pals) to create a line of kid-friendly vegetables.  CM, as we mentioned, will be representing corn, Elmo will hawk green beans, and the ever-popular (and blue) Grover will be pushing peas.  Del Monte's Managing Director, Apu Mody, tells it like it is.  "If anyone can encourage children to eat fruits and's Elmo, along with his friends Cookie Monster and Grover."  We hope Cookie Monster will still eat cookies every now and then, though...everything in moderation.

P is for Peas!
P is for Peas!
In Demand Cans
In Demand Cans
Cool New Stuff

Starbucks Iced Coffee Light - These pretty cans are filled with 11 oz. of sweet, yummy gourmet Italian Roast coffee that has just 35 calories and 1g of fat. We wish they were easier to find, but check the shelves of your local market.

VitaMix Alert! - It's almost time. Soon you'll be able to make VitaMuffins in the privacy of your own kitchen.  These highly anticipated mixes will be released in July.

Mott's Plus Light Juices - Apple juice lovers will enjoy these new half-calorie, half-sugar beverages, which come in Apple Cranberry & Apple Blueberry.

The Buzz...

Want to squeeze a little more Hungry Girl into your life?  Check out HG's brand new column, Snacks & the City, in the NY Daily News every Sunday!  It started yesterday, and it's online, too.  Woohoo!  ***Don't forget to send your "Sticks of Hope" messages to kids with cancerRemember, 25 cents will be donated to City of Hope for every one you send.  Let's help raise TONS of money for this great charity.  BTW, since we sent our dedicated email about the fundraiser, the number of messages has almost TRIPLED. Go us!  Hey, did you hear that Nestle scooped up Jenny Craig for 600 million dollars?! Yowsa...that's big bucks.  Guess that Kirstie Alley TV ad campaign worked out for Jenny.  That's all we've got. HG out!

Big Bucks for Jenny!
Big Bucks for Jenny!
Holy smokes...Today, June 26th, is National Chocolate Pudding Day! Grab a 60-calorie Sugar Free Jell-O pudding snack and have a puddin' party!

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