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iPod Nano + Nike = WOW
iPod Nano + Nike = WOW
Apple Continues to ROCK...

Hey, control freaks!  Looking for a new way to track exactly how many calories you're burning and how much distance you're covering when going for a walk or run?  Check out the new Nike + iPod Sport Kit.  All you need are some running shoes (they recommend you get the schmancy Nike+ ones with the handy little pocket for the iPod sensor, but any running shoe will do), an iPod Nano, and the sport kit.  Once you have your gear in place, you're ready to rock 'n roll.  Listen to music, start walking, running, skipping, etc., and keep track of all the essential info -- including speed, distance, and calories burned.  It just may be time to toss that pathetic plastic pedometer out the window.
Ketchup on the Latest Condiment News...

In the ongoing battle of tomato-rific condiments, it looks like salsa may have actually knocked ketchup out of the top spot (according to some published sales reports).  However, the original tomato-based condiment isn't going down without a fight. The kooky folks over at Heinz are offering what we think is the most unique ketchup-related opportunity ever (but truth be told, we haven't come across many ketchup-related opportunities).  They're offering people the opportunity to order personalized bottles of ketchup.  You can design the labels to say almost anything, so be creative. The website even shows you how they'll look. Weeeeee!

Vanity Ketchup: The Next Big Thing?!
Vanity Ketchup: The Next Big Thing?!
The Cutest Eggs EVER
The Cutest Eggs EVER
Cool Stuff We Found...

Flower Power - We're always telling you to ditch the yolks, but if you're feeling crazy enough to have an actual whole egg every once in a while (the yolks ARE packed with vitamin D), why not enjoy it poached (as opposed to fried in butter) and shaped like a pretty flower?!  How cute is that?!


Book Find 101 Nutrition Tips For People With Diabetes - Here's an at-a-glance, updated version of the bestseller. It's a must-read for anyone with diabetes, or even anyone who knows and wants to help someone with the disease.  FYI, 14.6 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, and an estimated 6.2 million people in the U.S. are unaware that they have it. 


Go Tuck Yourself - Designed for women with curves, Tummy Tuck Jeans  flatten your belly, contour your hips, and lift your butt.  BTW, Rachael Ray, Diane Sawyer, and The View's Elizabeth Hasselbeck are all fans.

The Buzz...

Awesome mag alert!  Kiwi Magazine is here. This brand new, full-color, beauteous mag will help parents raise the healthiest kids possible.  Chock-full of great ideas, nutritious foods, recipes and more, it's a must-read for moms!  Check out for the whole scoop.  ***Wanna hear something wacky?  A recent study conducted in the UK found that men who were hungry (as in craving food) found heavier women more attractive than thin ones.  Looks like depriving our boyfriends and husbands of food for a little while might not be such a bad idea.  ***A recent study found that chocolate may help repair aging blood vessels.  Keep in mind, this study WAS funded in part by Mars (they make chocolate).  That doesn't mean the findings are untrue, but we just wanted to point that out.  ***Surprising news from the antioxidant front. Looks like the top five antioxidant-packed foods are blackberries, artichoke hearts, concord grape juice, walnuts, and strawberries.  Noticeably absent from the top slots are blueberries, red wine, chocolate, and green tea.  Those foods DO contain lots of antioxidants, just not as many.  That's all we've got.  HG out!

Healthy Mag Heads Up!
Healthy Mag Heads Up!
Today, August 14th, is National Creamsicle Day. Do NOT miss tomorrow's email...we've got an awesome recipe for a guilt-free creamsicle-icious float!

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