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Take Action NOW!
Take Action NOW!
Restaurant Nutritionals Made Public...YOU CAN HELP! is a fantastic new website that brings you everything you need to know about the healthier food options available at restaurants in your area. It houses an INSANELY AWESOME searchable database that's chock-full of information you need about the good stuff you can eat while dining out. The thing is, the site is so new that it's not fully populated with restaurants yet. That's where you come in. Simply click here and print out the 'please join' cards -- then run (walking is fine, too) to your favorite restaurant, ask to speak with the manager and DEMAND (or ask politely) that they participate in the site and tout their healthy food options. If they don't immediately seem interested, feel free to remind them that a. The customer is always right and b. All the cool restaurants are doing it. In the meantime, poke around to see which restaurants are already part of this helpful and fabulous service.

Sweetener Alert For Dog Owners!!!

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you're the owner of a dog, please be VERY careful not to allow them to eat anything that contains the sugar substitute xylitol. Xylitol, a low-calorie sweetener that's on the rise in popularity, can be found in many HG-friendly sugar-free products like chewing gum, preserves and syrups. These products, and any others that contain xylitol, can be extremely harmful (even deadly) to your pet. Because this sweetener can be found in more and more diet products these days, cases of xylitol poisoning in dogs are on the rise and about 115 have been reported this year. Please PLEASE read labels and take extra care to keep your pup away from these items -- it could be a matter of life and death.

Xylitol Alert for Dogs!
Xylitol Alert for Dogs!
Controlled Portion PB...Finally!
Controlled Portion PB...Finally!
New Stuff We Found...

Justin's Nut Butter - Yeah, it's organic and it tastes pretty awesome, but here are some other interesting things about this PB... 1. It comes in single-serving packets, which is EXTREMELY important to peanut butter junkies (like us), 2. Justin's Nut Butter comes in fun flavors like Sinfully Cinnamon and Heavenly Honey, and 3. Justin and his nut butter have an extremely cute website. Click here for proof. Buy this stuff online.


TrailBlaze Bake-At-Home Oatmeal Energy Bars - If convenient, packaged energy bars aren't your thing, and you'd rather bake 'em yourself, check these out. They're not extremely low in calories or fat for their size (180 calories and 4.5g fat per bar), but they taste GREAT, have a healthy dose of omega-3s, and pack in around 9 grams of protein. Not too shabby for a baked treat. These things are hard to find in stores but can be purchased online. Could be a nice little snack for the kiddies...


Lean Cuisine Brick Oven Style Pizzas - These things have been getting more fan mail than Elvis did (during his cute years). According to the masses, they're a must-chew, and the Roasted Garlic Chicken is supposed to be out of this world.  Pssst...we've seen 'em on supermarket shelves everywhere.

The Buzz...

HOORAY! We're in People magazine again! Check out two (that's right, TWO!) features penned by HG in the brand-new issue of People StyleWatch. It's out NOW and has Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Don't miss it. ***Despite the fact that 85% of Americans are "hooked on seafood," only 20% follow expert health advice to eat fish twice a week. For more info, fishy facts, activities and recipes, check out We heart fish!!! ***Feeling stressed? Sip some black tea! A new study shows that daily cups of the stuff can help you bounce back more quickly from the stresses of everyday life. ***Live for bargains? Check out They're selling gift certificates for restaurants around the country at a fraction of the price. It's here for proof! That's all we've got. HG out!

We're FREE Inside...Weeeeee!
We're FREE Inside...Weeeeee!

Today, October 9th, is National Dessert Day. Celebrate with some ROCKIN' DESSERT RECIPES from HG!


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