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In honor of Friday the 13th, check out these bad luck, pants-popping dessert shockers from HG (and some guilt-free alternatives, too)...   
Choc-horrific Calorie Catastrophes!

Outback Steakhouse - Chocolate Thunder From Down Under
(Approx: 1,220 calories, 78g fat, 130g carbs, 0g protein = 31 Points)


This evil Aussie dessert is legendary!  No one stands a chance in a face-off with this  1,220-calorie thunder blunder.  By the time this storm settles, you’ve been slammed with nearly 80 grams of fat!  Board up the windows, or at least stay far away from the Outback.

P.F. Chang's - Great Wall Of Chocolate

(2,240 calories, 89g fat, 376g carbs, 20g protein = 52 Points)

If you find yourself at the foot of this frightfest with a fork, it may already be too late.  There’s no escaping the colossal 2,240 calories and nearly 90 grams of fat this wall weighs in at.  They must’ve built this thing with bricks made of carbs…it’s got 376 of ‘em!    

On the Border - Chocolate Turtle Empanadas
(1,280 calories, 81g fat, 440mg sodium,  131g carbs,  4g fiber, 11g protein = 32 Points)


Toss out any superstitious notions that turtles are a symbol of long life, health, and cleverness. These turtles deliver 1,280 calories and 81 grams of fat to your dessert dish!  It’d take more than a slow ‘n steady pace to burn off all of that!


Ruby Tuesday - Brownie

(1,030 calories,  43g fat, 138g net carbs, 8g fiber = 23 Points)

Nope, the scariest sweet on Ruby’s menu isn’t that Chocolate Tallcake.  It’s the plain ol’ Brownie lurking quietly in the corner of the menu!  This terror packs in 1,030 calories and 43 grams of fat.  Um, no thanks.

Freakish Cake 'n Pie Blunders!

Applebee's - Sizzling Apple Pie

(Approx: 1,085 calories, 56g fat, 580mg sodium, 146g carbs, 7g fiber, 14g protein = 26 Points)

Apple desserts are safer for you, right?  Uhhh, guess again.  Run for cover – the Weight Watchers section of the 'Bee’s menu is an especially safe haven! 

Macaroni Grill - New York Cheesecake w/ Caramel Fudge Sauce

(1,760 calories, 113g fat, 710mg sodium, 168g carbs, 1g fiber, 19g protein = 44 Points)

It’s no secret that cheesecake has lots of calories (doy).  But we are truly in awe of the 1,760-calorie and 113-fat-gram price tag on Macaroni Grill’s cheesecake.  Yowsa! 


The Cheesecake Factory - Carrot Cake

(Approx: 1,510 calories, 84g fat, 600mg sodium, 179g carbs, 6g fiber, 129g sugars, 18g protein = 36 Points) 

If you thought cheesecake was all you had to fear at the Factory, guess again.  One slice of their carrot cake’ll cost you about 1,510 calories and 84 fat grams!  No amount of superstitious safeguarding will protect you from those nightmarish nutritionals.  Those POOR carrots...


Johnny Rockets - Apple Pie a la mode

(1,450 calories, 91g fat, 940mg sodium, 140g carbs, 6g fiber, 134g sugars, 15g protein = 36 Points)

J Rockets' Apple Pie a la mode contains a ghastly 1,450 calories and a morbid 91 fat grams.  91 FAT GRAMS?!?!  Are they kidding???


Macaroni Grill - Dessert Ravioli

(1,720 calories, 89g fat, 770mg sodium, 214g carbs, 3g fiber, 16g protein = 41 Points)

This unconventional dessert may sound enticing, but with a horrifying 1,720 calories, 89 grams of fat and 214 grams of carbs, we think this pasta pastry dish must be possessed. Skip it, peeps!

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