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Dear Hungry Girl,

I love sweets but don't like to eat them too often. Any suggestions on how I can satisfy my cravings for delicious, bad-for-you things without gaining weight?

-- Digs Desserts

Dear Digs Desserts,

Some people say that sweet smells can satisfy a craving to eat sweet foods. Personally, I find that if I use yummy-smelling colognes and creams, I don't crave candy and cake as much.  It may sound weird but it really does work for me!  Some of my favorite dessert-y beauty products are listed on this week.  By the way, SheFinds is an awesome website and email newsletter for anyone who loves shopping (and bargains!) but doesn't have time to surf the web for deals.  But if a Creme Brulee body lotion doesn't always do the trick for you, go for an 80-calorie-1-gram-of-fat/6 net carb Velvety Chocolate Vitamuffin.

Dear Hungry Girl,

How can I can boost my metabolism? Please help!

-- Burn, Baby Burn  

Dear Burn, Baby Burn,

A lot of factors that influence your metabolism can’t be changed.  Age, genetics and gender (well,  gender can be changed, but not easily) are just a few.  However, there are some things you can do to rev up your metabolism. First of all, drink lots of water. Some experts say staying hydrated keeps your body burning calories.  Exercise also gets your metabolism going.  Head to the weight room next time you hit the gym.  If you increase your lean muscle mass, you increase your resting metabolic rate. That means you'll burn more calories thoughout the entire day...even while you sleep!  Spicy foods are also said to give your metabolism a little boost. One more thing, EAT BREAKFAST -- it will kick your metabolism into gear for the rest of the day!

Chocolate is the single most craved food in America, particularly by women. Vanilla ice cream, however, outsells chocolate 3 to 1. Go figure.

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