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Hey, Hungry Girl!

I love pancakes. I mean, absolutely adore them in all their varieties... buttermilk, buckwheat, sweet potato, etc.  Problem is, I love them so much I often use two or three times the amount of pancake mix the recipe calls for.  Are there any low-calorie pancake recipes, so that I can eat tons and tons of them?




Get a hold of yourself there, kiddo! Even if I steer you in the direction of some guilt-free pancakes (which I will do in a second), that doesn't mean you can eat "tons and tons" of them. Overdoing it -- even when it comes to better-for-you foods -- is a bad idea. Calories add up! That being said, I do have some pancake insights for you. I, too, have a major thing for pancakes. I can't resist them. In fact, every year I have a fat stack of PCs (real ones, with butter and syrup...shhhhh!) on my birthday. But on non-birthday days, I try to stick with lighter ones. Here's a little recipe that I looooove. It was inspired by a recipe sent to me from a subscriber who calls them "Crazy for Pumpkin" pancakes.


1/3 cup regular oats (not quick or instant)

1/2 cup egg whites

1 tbsp. fat-free cottage cheese

2 tbsp. canned pure pumpkin

1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

2 packets of Splenda


Directions: Blend all ingredients together with a hand mixer or blender. Spray your pan with nonstick spray and cook on medium/high heat until bubbly. Then flip your giant pancake and finish it off until golden brown. Top with sugar-free syrup.  The entire recipe (minus the syrup) has just 190 calories and 2g of fat.


Good luck!

Dear Hungry Girl,


I'm a brownie-maniac and need your favorite idea for how to make 'em super-fudgy and guilt-free (if that's even possible). Also, do you have any picks for ready-made ones?


Bring On the Brownies

Dear Bring On,


I do have a little brownie secret that I like to share. By now it feels like everyone should know about this, but apparently they don't. You simply take a box of devil's food cake mix, or another chocolate cake mix or a brownie mix (find the one with the lowest fat!!!), and mix a 15-oz. can of pure pumpkin into it with nothing else -- no egg, no oil -- NOTHING. Then, bake 'em according to the box, minus about five minutes, and you'll get the thickest, FUDGIEST treats ever! I call these Yum Yum Brownies (or Yum Yum Brownie Muffins). What I like best about using pumpkin is that the brownies come out super-thick and moist, and are definitely healthier because they have less fat and more fiber. As for other brownie recommendations -- I love Vitalicious VitaBrownies (100 calories, low in fat, packed with fiber), No Pudge! Fat Free Fudge Brownie Mix (great made with pumpkin or prepared according to the box's instructions), and Luna's Caramel Nut Brownie bar (190 calories, 6g fat). All are great ways to kick a brownie craving...

Today, October 18th, is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. Whoop it up with some of HG's Yum Yum Brownie Muffins!
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