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Hey Hungry Girl!


I am a sucker for baked goodies like Hostess treats (Twinkies!), Little Debbie cakes (Oatmeal Creme Pies!), swiss rolls, etc. But which ones are the best kinds to get...with less fat and lower calories?  Do you have any favorites? Please help me, HG!


Snack Cake Fiend


Dear Fiend,


These types of snacks are NOT good for you. Honestly. They AREN'T. But I get lots of email about snack cakes, and I am also a big fan of 'em (unfortunately), and I do break down every once in a while and cave in to my cravings for these things. When I do, I have a few go-to snacks. Reduced Fat Devil Dogs are one of my biggest weaknesses (thanks to an HG subscriber named Stacy, who reminded me how good they are). These are made by Drake's (a famous East Coast snack cake brand), and they're INSANELY good frozen. Each Devil Dog has 160 calories and 4 grams of fat, which isn't terrible for a piece of creme-filled chocolate cake. I also enjoy Mrs. Freshley's SnackAway line of snack cakes.  Mrs. F makes a yogurt-creme-filled Twinkie swap that's pretty tasty. But, to me, the world's BEST snack cake sub is this: Take any chocolate flavor VitaTop (I like Double Chocolate Dream best!), slice it in half, spread two tablespoons of Cool Whip Free on one half, cover with the other half (creating a cute sandwich!), then wrap it loosely with plastic wrap and freeze it. The result is a big fat "snack cake" (or "whoopie pie" for those of you who live in Maine) that has just 115 calories, less than 2g of fat and about 6g of fiber! How can you beat that?

Hi, HG!


What are the calories/fat content in straight sashimi (no rice) -- just raw tuna tataki/yellowtail/etc.? I am a complete sushi nut, my favorite being sashimi. Thanks.

So Wild About Sashimi

Dear So Wild,


I have good news for you. Sashimi is VERY low in fat and calories (FYI - sashimi is just sushi without the rice). And it's good for you, too. The average 1/2-oz. piece of fish (the standard sushi/sashimi size) has about 15 - 25 calories and a gram or so of fat. Some types of fish, like salmon, are fattier than others -- but fatty fish is healthy. The good news is, you can go out for sushi and eat a LOT of sashimi and not take in too many calories. While you're out, enjoy some miso soup (about 50 calories) and sunomono salad (just some sliced cucumbers and rice vinegar). Both are low in calories and very filling. Need more sushi info? Check out our sushi survival guide and sushi it up!


October is National Apple Month. Apples are low in calories, contain lots of vitamins, and are high in fiber. Eat them!

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