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Tomorrow is National Candy Day, and while eating sugary treats shouldn't be an everyday thing, it's nice to know what your options are for those times when you need a fix. So, here ya go!   
New HG Picks for a Candy Fix!

Here are some of our latest favorites to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Jelly Bellys Sugar-Free Line Our treat-producin' pals at Jelly Belly Candy Co. have a whole slew of sugar-free candies that are reduced calorie and fat-free, too!  There are Jelly Belly Beans (duh) in Assorted Flavors & Sour (35 pieces = 80 cal), Fruit Slices (8 pieces = 60 cal),  Spice Drops and Fruit Drops (31 pieces = 90 cal),  Gummi Bears (25 pieces = 70 cal),  Cola Bottles (8 pieces = 70 cal),  and Inchworms (11 pieces = 70 cal).  Plus, these guilt-free gummies contain fiber, making a serving of each just 1 Point! (Heads Up!  These do contain sugar alcohols, so if you are sensitive to those, be warned.)



Creme Savers Sugar Free Hard Candy These super-creamy candies come in Chocolate & Caramel Creme and Strawberries & Creme.  You can enjoy  5 of these swirly suckers for only 45 calories and 1.5g fat. Woohoo!

CocoaVia Chocolate Bars  CocoaVias bars are all good, but their 90-calorie, 5-fat-gram, 2-gram-of-fiber Crispy Chocolate Bar is an HG fave.  HG ALERT!  CocoaVias milk chocolate snacks (with the same awesome antioxidants and flavanols) are hitting stores now in limited distribution, and they'll be available nationwide in 2007!  Weve previewed (and prechewed!) 'em, and they ROCK! 



Altoids Sours  While the word "Altoids" may immediately bring to mind the curiously strong mint,  these sour candies aren't minty at all.  They come in Raspberry, TangerineMango, Citrus, and Apple.  Five of these tart treats are just 20 calories.  And theyre super-sour, so going overboard with them would be difficult (and cause major tongue shriveling...and who wants that?!).

Retro-rific Candy Finds...

Did you miss these the first time around?  Don't sweat it!


Retro Candy Finds - Razzles, Pop Rocks and Smarties.  Weeeee!


MORE Retro Candy Picks! - Pez, Ring Pops, Pixy Stix and more!


Another Dose of Retro Candy - Runts, Bit-O-Honey and Blow Pops...Hooray!

Candy Shockers!

Warning! These'll knock your sugar-lovin' socks off...


Brittle Behaving Badly - A 3.5-oz. serving of peanut brittle contains a whopping 486 calories and 19 grams of fat!  Yowsa!


Sugar-Free Silliness Just because a candy is sans-sugar, doesnt mean its low in calories & fat.  Case in point Nestles Sugar Free Pecan Turtles contain 183 calories and 11 grams of fat in each tiny, 3-piece, 1.2-oz. serving.  Yikes!


Yogurt Myth Dispelled Candy that's coated in yogurt (as opposed to chocolate) has long been considered a healthier, lower calorie choice.  Not so!  An ounce of that coating contains just 4 calories fewer (and not even a full fat gram less) than an ounce of milk chocolate.

Bite-Size Blunder Research shows youre likely to consume more fat and calories with bite-size and fun-size candies than with the regular ones.  While its easy to overdo it with a bag full of tiny treats, youre less likely to bite into a second candy bar.  So steer clear of the minis, unless you've got incredible willpower.


Today, November 3rd, is National Sandwich Day. Sounds like a great day to enjoy one of HG's Guilt-Free 1-2-3 BLTs!!


HG ALERT: Candy is not a food that should be eaten every day.  Hungry Girl does NOT recommend incorporating it into your daily diet.  Too much sugar and artificial sweeteners = bad.


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