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200,000 Subscribers Means Muffins For YOU!
200,000 Subscribers Means Muffins For YOU!
Tell a Friend About HG & Win!!!!!

It's that time again. Time to blab about HG to your pals and have a chance to win stuff! Do you remember the 100,000th subscriber contest we had back in April? Well, guess what? 200,000 is right around the corner! To help celebrate, and also to encourage YOU, our faithful HG subscribers, to spread the word about Hungry Girl, we're giving away AWESOME prizes. Our 200,000th subscriber AND the person who tells them about Hungry Girl will EACH win a year's supply of Vitalicious VitaTops. All you need to do is have your friends sign up for our daily emails and enter YOUR email address in the "How did you hear about Hungry Girl?" section. If one of your pals is our 200,000th subscriber, you'll both win free VitaTops for 12 months! In addition, we're giving HG goodies (like T-shirts, floaty pens, charm bracelets, and keychains) to 20 more people at random. So HURRY -- start telling everyone you know to sign up...and good luck!

Working Out Can Be RUFF!

Need a weight loss buddy? No need to beg a pal to start a diet and exercise plan with you (or listen to their endless complaints!). Just work out with your pooch! Findings from a recent 12-month study show that people and their pets are both more successful in sticking with a weight loss program when they exercise together. It's also a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your pet. Read more about the study here. And, if you don't currently own a dog, but are thinking about finding a furry friend to hang out with or help you get in shape, check out to learn how you can adopt one in your area.

Get Fit With Fido!
Get Fit With Fido!
Hungry Girl's New Project

See this awesomely cool Hungry Girl van? It'll be used to deliver thousands of nutritious meals (at no cost) to seriously ill, homebound folks in the Los Angeles area for our very close, personal pals at Project Angel Food.  These guys have been doing amazing work since 1989.  In their 17 years of service, they've delivered over 4.5 million meals.  How do they raise money, you ask? They have lots of cool LA-based events throughout the year. Their next one is the highly anticipated Divine Design -- a star-studded shopping fundraiser that'll take place in Los Angeles from November 30th - December 4th.  If you'd like to learn more about Project Angel Food or make a donation, click here.  BTW, if you see this insanely cute van driving around Los Angelessend us an email -- we'll be VERY excited!

The Buzz...

A few months back, we reviewed the entire line of Kashi's frozen entrees (we loved them; click here for details). Looks like we're not the only fans. The meals are so popular that Kashi will release THREE new varieties in January. Keep an eye out for Pesto Pasta Primavera, Chicken Florentine and Lemongrass Chicken. We know it's early -- just gettin' excited over here... ***According to new research, wine extract keeps fat mice healthy.  In a recent study, overweight mice that were given high doses of the red wine extract resveratrol had fewer instances of diabetes, liver illness and other weight-related problems than other chubby mice. Experts are hopeful that the same may apply to people, calling the findings "spectacular." ***Wanna know what we're diggin' these days?  We've got the hots for All-Bran Snack Bites, 35-calorie packets of miso soup from Mishima, and  Trader Joe's Pineapple Salsa.  And, no, we don't eat these things all together.  We're not insane.  That's all we've got. HG out!

New Meals on the Way...
New Meals on the Way...

Yesterday was National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day. Check out our guilt-free pizza Chew & Tell and celebrate one day late!


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