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Today is National Fast Food Day. And HG is ALL OVER IT... 
Drive-Thru Shockers!!!

We’re outing some scary stuff.  HG Warning:  Offensive nutritionals ahead… 


Dairy Queen - 1/2 lb.  Flamethrower GrillBurger 
(1,180 calories, 90g fat, 1g fiber = 31 Points!)

It’s no secret that beef burgers are high in calories and fat, but the nutritionals on this giant griller are absolutely absurd.  90 GRAMS OF FAT?!?!?!! DQ something different…VERY different.


Burger King - TRIPLE WHOPPER with Cheese
(1,230 calories, 82g fat, 3g fiber = 31 Points!)

Some things never change; this triple-threat remains a top offender on the BK menu.  And check out these creepy condiments we found lurking in the King’s castle.  A teeny two-ounce serving of Ken’s Honey Mustard Dressing packs a wallop - 270 calories and 23 grams of fat!  That’s 7 Points...for dressing?!   And just one ounce of BK's Zesty Onion Ring Dipping Sauce has 150 calories, 15 grams of fat, and a 4-Point price tag.  Yeesh!


Taco Bell - Fiesta Taco Salad 
(860 calories, 46g fat, 12g fiber = 20 Points!)

Nope, it’s not the cheesy beef burrito or the layered chalupa that clocks in as the Bell’s biggest heifer (although we’d stay away from those, too!).  Believe it or not, a SALAD has earned that honor!  Taco B's Fiesta Taco Salad is crammed with the most fat and calories -- an alarming 860 calories and 46 fat grams, to be exact.  Ay, caramba!


McDonald’s  - 10 pc. Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips
(1,270 calories, 66g fat, 0g fiber = 31 Points!)

Chicken?!? The worst on the menu?!?  Sad but true, people.  These sorry strips cram in more calories than BK’s TRIPLE WHOPPER with Cheese!  Yikes!  Coming in a close second was Mickey D’s Deluxe Breakfast (1,220 calories, 61g fat, 4g fiber = 29 Points).  That is no way to start your day…


Arby's - Sausage Gravy Biscuit

(961 calories, 68g fat, 1g fiber = 25 Points!)

Look...another breakfast blunder!  This one waddles in with nearly 70 grams of fat!  But, there are quite a few Arby's items elsewhere on the menu that deserve not-so-honorable mentions.  When it comes to sandwiches,  avoid the "Market Fresh" Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich (834 calories, 38g fat, 4g fiber = 19 Points).  As for side orders, stray far away from the 8-pc. Mozzarella Sticks (852 calories, 56g fat, 4g fiber = 21 Points).  And do not make dessert of a Pecan Sticky Bun (688 calories, 22g fat, 5g fiber = 15 Points).  If you put that all together for a three-course lunch, you'd wind up with a 2,374-calorie, 116g-of-fat, 55-Point platter!  Gross!

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Americans spend over 120 billion dollars on fast food every year.  Happy National Fast Food Day!

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