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Hang With HG...Be a VIP!
Hang With HG...Be a VIP!
Surprise! Pop Up HG Contest...

If you loooove HG and shopping -- and you live in the Los Angeles area (or can manage to be here this Thursday the 30th!), here's your chance to hang with us at one of the coolest events of the year. Divine Design is a fundraiser put together by our close personal pals at Project Angel Food. The sold-out VIP gala kick-off will feature a live auction conducted by Wanda Sykes, and a special award (2006 Woman of Style) will be given to Teri Hatcher. In addition, you'll have the chance to purchase designer clothing, donated items, toys, cosmetics, accessories and spa products, all at 50 - 90% off retail prices. There's also four more days to shop after the big night's festivities. To win two seats at the HG table, send us an email telling us: 1. Why you should win (in 100 - 300 words), 2. Who you would take and 3. Why this would be fun for you. We'll hand select the winner...and runners-up will receive free Divine Design shopping passes.  Good luck!

Starbucks -- Spread the Cheer!

This season, in addition to gazillions of delicious coffee drinks, Starbucks hopes to stir up a half a million acts of holiday cheer by distributing "Cheer Passes" throughout the holidays. The 'Bucks asks for only one thing in return -- that you spread the cheer by passing it (meaning both the cheer and the Cheer Pass!) along to friends, family and strangers. Open doors, offer someone a quarter for a parking meter, or buy a pal a Caffe Misto -- just spread the cheer! All passes are numbered and can even be tracked online. For more info, or to download a Cheer Pass and start a chain on your own, visit

Three Cheers for Starbucks!
Three Cheers for Starbucks!
Doone Deal!
Doone Deal!
New & Hot

Lorna Doone 100 Calorie Packs - Seems like it's been forever since Nabisco has introduced a new 100 Calorie Packs treat. But this January, adorable 100-cal versions of the popular shortbread cookies will hit shelves. (Psssst -- we've tried 'em and they ROCK!)


V8 100% Vegetable Juice - Newly reformulated, this classic veggie beverage is now certified by the American Heart Association (including the heart-check mark and everything!). Woohoo!

The Buzz...

Slam the Girl Scouts all you want for pushing fattening cookies. At least the new cookies these kids are hawking are now trans fat free (per serving). FYI -- this doesn't mean you can shovel Thin Mints down your gullet. ***Over the past year or so, we've basically been told that dark chocolate can do everything from relieve stress to make you happy. Now they're saying it functions like aspirin and can help prevent heart attacks. What'll they say next? That it'll remove wrinkles, make you five inches taller and remodel your kitchen? ***If you think your treadmill workout is challenging, watch this. The OK Go guys definitely didn't learn to do this at the gym! ***Researchers have found that people who stuck to a vegetarian diet (no meat or fish of any kind!) for at least one year lost more weight than those on a regular old low-fat diet.  Just some food for thought -- read more about it here. That's all we've got.  HG out!

A Very Good Deed...
A Very Good Deed...
November 28th is National French Toast Day. Don't miss our AWESOME guilt-free recipe -- coming up tomorrow!

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