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Looking for some fun, HG-rific holiday ideas? Check out some of our favorite things
(in no particular order)...   
1. Cute & Calorie-Free!

One of our talented HG subscribers runs She makes tons of foody accessories, and they're too cute for words. We love the tamago earrings best, but there are also cookies and cupcakes and donuts and eggs and pizza and we're gonna stop now because we're getting hungry. All of these cute items are calorie-free. Check out the whole collection here. Accessories to sweeten your day!
2. Personalized Popcorn

Awwww...a personalized Family Movie Night Popcorn Set. Your bucket and 4 bowls -- personalized just for you and your family. Cuuuuuuute! Popcorn not included.

3. Sugar-Free Syrup Alert!

Mix 'n match a case of sugar-free syrups from all of HG's favorite syrup companies(Torani, Artista and DaVinci). You'll get 12 bottles in all. Choose from dozens of flavors including pumpkin pie, peppermint, egg nog, cookie dough, white chocolate and more...all reasonably priced, too! Wowowowowoowow!
4. Crazy Coffee!

Higher Groundz (clever!) makes some pretty wacky (and delicious-sounding) coffee flavors. Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, Banana Nut Creme, Strudledoodle, Pumpkin Pie, Tiramisu?!?! Yep...this sample pack includes all these and more. Coffeelicious!
5. Once Bitten...

They say you should leave one bite over at every meal to save calories. Well, these ABC* Cookie Cutters (*Already Been Chewed!) do the dirty work for you. Each cookie bakes up to look like some hungry human got there before you did. These are super-adorable!
6. Bottomless Muffin Pan

Ok, maybe it's really a muffin TOP pan, but our name sounded more intriguing, didn't it? This, paired with a lovely assortment of Vitalicious baking mixes, is the ultimate in HG holiday gifting. Woohoo!

7. Guilt-Free Decadent Sips

It wouldn't be an HG Gift Guide without something from our pals over at Philosophy. This Hot Toddies Cookbook Gift Set features Hot Cocoa, Eggnog, and Apple Cider 3-in-1 products (shampoo/body wash/ bubble bath). These ROCK our socks off, people!
8. Veggies With Wedgies?

It's true! Leave it to David & Goliath to come up with this line of tees featuring underpants-sportin' vegetables. You've gotta see 'em to believe 'em!
9. Kooky Sushi!

Here are gorgeous, perfectly crafted sushi pieces made of chocolate and cookies. The stuff is fattening, for sure, but it's so cute and beautiful you'd NEVER actually eat it.
10. So Good We Had To Feature it Again

This EAT IT! trivia game has been an HG fave for a while now. Flaunt your knowledge of all things food and snack-related! This game is basically Trivial Pursuit for the super-hungry. Warning: Do not play EAT IT! on an empty stomach.
11. Calorie-Free Companions!

Rescuing a pet is HG's pick for the best gift of all!  Animals are not only good friends, they're also FANTASTIC exercise buddies. But surprising a loved one with a pet isn't always a great idea. Make sure everyone is on board with the decision to add a new family member.  Once you're ready, check out to find some INCREDIBLY awesome and cuddly pets in your neighborhood.

December 1st is Eat a Red Apple Day. So eat a red apple already!


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