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Dear Hungry Girl,

I love your emails and recipes so much. Do you have a book? If not, will you have one soon?

Craving an HG Cookbook

Dear Craving,

I get asked this question about five times a day, so here's the 411.  No, there is no Hungry Girl cookbook at this time. I am, however, working on one. There's no official book deal yet, so I have no idea when it will be released; but you can be sure that a Hungry Girl book of recipes and other tips & tricks is on the way. Since the book is in the developmental stages now, I thought I'd ask you guys some questions about it. If you'd like to help me by weighing in (no pun intended) on some things, click here to answer a few Qs. Pllleeeeeease?!!? And thanks in advance! :)

Dear HG,

I'm fairly new to the site and I have some questions. What are the "Points" you mention for? And can I use substitutions in your recipes? Also, why do you write about foods that have artificial ingredients?

Curious in Canoga Park

Hey, Curious!

You're not the only one curious about "Points". I've had 14 people ask what they mean this week alone, so I figured I'd address it. The "Points® values" I mention in my emails refer to the value of the foods when used in conjunction with the Weight Watchers plan. I've calculated the Points® values for the products and recipes in my emails and on my website and my use of this information is not an endorsement or approval of the product, recipe or its manufacturer or creator by Weight Watchers International, Inc. Points® is a registered trademark owned by Weight Watchers International, Inc. (How's that for some serious legalese?) I know that many HG subscribers are not following Weight Watchers, but I include that information as a service to those who are, and also as a way to provide Weight Watchers information ('cuz I think it is an AWESOME plan that people should know about). Now, as far as my recipes are concerned, yes, you can substitute ingredients. I often suggest that you use Splenda, but feel free to use your sweetener of choice. If I say use Almond Breeze Unsweetened, you can use skim milk, light soymilk or another milk substitute you like. If a recipe calls for Better 'n Peanut Butter, you can always use regular peanut butter. Please do keep in mind that my nutritional info is based on my exact ingredients, and if you stray from them, the nutritionals will vary accordingly. And, to answer your last Q, Hungry Girl isn't really for health food junkies. The foods I feature and create are not always for people who stick to a strict diet of natural and organic foods. HG has a more real-world approach to eating. I try to feature healthy foods as much as possible, but I am usually more concerned with helping people navigate the supermarket aisles and helping them seek out things that taste great and won't make them gain weight. That about sums it up! Hope I covered it all...

Just a friendly little heads up that December 26th is National Candy Cane Day. We love candy canes, but we won't be sending an email to remind you about it that mark your calendars!
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