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Dear HG,

Well, 2007 is here and I still haven't been able to commit to a brand new strict eating plan. I'm just not ready. Do you have any simple ideas for me that can help get me started?

In Need of HG Help

Dear In Need,

Don't be down on yourself. Just because January is here and you haven't been able to jump head first into a so-called "diet plan" doesn't mean you're destined to fall into your old eating patterns. Some people need to start slowly, and making a huge commitment to give up all the foods they're used to enjoying can be too much to handle all at once. That's totally fine. In fact, I often recommend that people simply make a few small swaps to help jump start a long-term change. Any little thing can help -- change the dairy you eat and drink to low-fat or fat-free, eat smaller dinners, give up bread for a month, stop snacking late at night -- anything. Every and any little thing can help.  Chances are, you'll start to see results from these small changes and be motivated to make more of them.  If you want even more ways to de-bloat in 2007, check out my Yahoo! article on the subject, here. Happy New Year!



Are there any foods that you pretty much avoid? Also, do you have any snacking tips for the new year?


Sticking to My Resolutions

Dear Sticking,


Good question. I know I write about all kinds of food. Hungry Girl is definitely about finding lower calorie versions of foods you love, but that being said, there are still some foods I try to avoid. I call these foods my "trigger foods" because when I eat them they make me hungrier. Salty, crunchy carbs are the worst things for me to snack on. If I pick up a bag of Baked Lays, for example, I have a hard time putting it down if there are ANY chips left in the bag. That goes for a single-serving bag, a two-serving bag, or a 10-serving bag. So chips (even low-fat or fat-free ones) are not a great idea for me. Bread is another one. I don't eat much bread at all because once I start with it, I want to eat more and more of it. Not everyone has the same trigger foods. Some people are that way with candy and chocolate. Not me. I can have one piece of chocolate and be happy. The key is to know your body and what works for you. As for my snacking tips for the new year -- I say stick with lots of fruits and veggies! They really do fill you up and they're healthy. Save the more "treat-y" snacks for every once in a while and stick with the better-for-you stuff whenever possible.


Tomorrow, January 4th, is National Spaghetti Day. Don't miss our pasta swaps'll be in your inbox when you wake up. Woohoo!

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